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  1. MomokoCove

    ever hated cleaning the tank?

    I do.Cleaned to the 10gallon goldies tanks and arms got scratched up a bit.That thing was really dirty though.Of course I a bunch of minor scratches and being the health freak I am literally used Hydrogen Peroxide germ killer and Antibiotic ointment on every cut.I literally smothered my arms...
  2. MomokoCove

    Canaria,Dahlia, and Persphone NEW PHOTOS

    NOTE: The container is just what I use when I want good photos.Not a permanent container. Here is Canaria looking cute as always.She actually a big meanie though.o.o She just literally acts like a big tough male.
  3. MomokoCove

    I'm back but Ghost needs a mate.Who to chose?

    Caledonia mysteriously disappeared from my tank awhile a back and so did my pink female.Well I've got Dahlia,Persephone and the newbie Canaria.Canaria is white with blue on her fins.Dahlia is blue.Persephone is blue with hints of purple.My male Ghost is a PURE white delta tail.Canaria has been...
  4. MomokoCove

    New betta.Needs name.

    So, I got a new white delta tail betta.He's needs a name.Oh, and I took pictures of him last night.
  5. MomokoCove

    Should I worry?

    Okay so I don't know where else to put this but I got 2 new males bettas and well let's just say after cleaning a tank and handling the fish and washing my hands I realized I had a few cuts on my hand.Should I worry about catching any diseases?These fish were from petco and I've been washing my...
  6. MomokoCove

    I rescued a betta today

    Needless to say the title says all.He did have a good home, and he's very healthy.He belonged to my grandma and is he is big betta boy.Apparently, he was named Freddy and he has one of those 1gallon planted vases.I'm glad to have Freddy!Besides, I lost two of my three boys since the Petco keeps...
  7. MomokoCove

    Am I doing my breeding correctly?

    Okay so I have a heated 10gallon all set up for my breeding.I have the food for fry,a grow-out tank,and containers to put them all in.Well, the breeding did go well until my new female who was being conditioned jumped into the breeding tank.I had bred Damien with Dahlia two days before.As it...
  8. MomokoCove

    Considering giving up some fish.

    I'm considering stopping taking care of goldfish.I'm not going to flush them or anything.I just want to move on to a wider variety of fish.If I got rid of some would any members on here consider taking a few?There is not many people here who would take them... Anyways, I'm totally sure if want...
  9. MomokoCove

    New tank...stocking help?

    Well, I'm getting a free tank!Expecting to be at 20+ gallons maybe.But either way, any good stocking ideas?^^ I adore bettas but need some variety lol.
  10. MomokoCove

    Let's all welcome James!

    Okay, so Shade passed away right?I felt sad with the tank empty.So I put in Caledonia to keep it lively looking.I went to the mall today with Tina.She wanted to see a movie and I didn't.I proceeded to go the Moochie's and buy my dog a toy.Then I thought about walking to Petco.That's exactly what...
  11. MomokoCove

    Help!Jaclemaru's caught Ich!

    I can't go to the store soon so I need a home remedy I can use until I can go to the pet store!Please help.
  12. MomokoCove

    Skinned peas for my bettas?

    I think the girls may be a bit bloated from the freeze-dried bloodworms.So can anybody tell me the steps to making skinned peas?Like, do I need to cook them?
  13. MomokoCove

    What do you suggest?

    Ah, I started to condition my girls today after picking up some bloodworms since I only have two girls.I have one male though so I'm picking up a CT or VT for my small red female Caledonia.What do you suggest?VT or CT?
  14. MomokoCove

    Officially suspicious of Dahlia's gender...

    Well, I'm suspecting Dahlia of being a plakat male betta instead of a female.Here are the picture and give me your opinions.She was labeled as female but I really am getting slightly suspicious of her since she picks on Caledonia...
  15. MomokoCove

    Betta Sorority gone wrong finally settling down.Also, might get an AB account?!

    After much caution and worrying over my little Dahlia picking on Caledonia in their community tank they finally went to flat out avoiding each other.I'm going to add another female Thursday to even out the ranks a bit.It's seems Caledonia was challenging Dahlia's authority even though what had...
  16. MomokoCove

    Female picking on female.Worried since I'm about to breed.Help?

    I got 2 females and one male recently yes?Well, I want to breed Dahlia with Shade.But more importantly I was going to breed Caledonia with a CT.Maybe a VT...I'm not sure.But whenever I put Dahlia back in it's not long before she's nipping at Caledonia.It's going to be bad enough when I get ready...
  17. MomokoCove

    Shade seems just plain uninterested!

    I put my breeding tank together and set up the bowl before placing Dahlia in her bowl.I put her in but Shade only goes near the bowl and flares his fins before swimming away and doing nothing else.I made an attempt with Caledonia as well but he didn't so much as look at her!Any advice?I'm going...
  18. MomokoCove

    What can I feed my fish?

    Aside from pellets,flakes,dietary foods and the such designed for fish it says on a oranda care site to try and includes veggies in the fishes diet.So, I'd like to know what fruits and veggies of the such I can safely feed my comets and oranda babies.
  19. MomokoCove

    New fish lost his orange color already!

    So, I got a new oranda baby who was orange and black but I'm saddened because his orange coloring became white.I will update with pictures later since the other fish got moved to the 10gallon along with the baby.I'm a proud mom right now but I hope he doesn't die.I heard some fish change their...
  20. MomokoCove

    New tank eqauls a new baby!

    I got a 10gallon tank finally set up!So, what went in?Well, let's start with the story of how I had to work to get it ready.So, we got the tank down and found an air pump.We WERE going to head to Drug Mart aka the general goods store, and buy a filter but I begged to get a new baby fish and...

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