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  1. RayRay

    Diamond or Emperors?

    I'm considering a school of one of these for my tank, so any information is appreciated. Which of the two are your favorites? How do they do with larger tank mates (dojo loaches and a goldfish)? Smaller? Should I rehome the danios before I get the tetras? How big of a school is recommended? I've...
  2. RayRay

    Loach time

    I've been neglecting taking pictures lately. Time to make up for that. Bonus! Two pics of Salad (Who's currently living up to his name after behaving himself and not touching my plants for weeks now. e_e)
  3. RayRay

    Missing fish

    Aww man, you guys warned me about this and I didn't listen. So I have my goldfish and a couple days ago I'm counting Danios. Only four. Count again. Still only four. I'm missing one of each kind. I've tried drawing them out with food, I've tried searching for dead fish in the tank and...
  4. RayRay


    I picked up a calico fantail a couple days ago. I managed to take some decent pictures today. Any name suggestions would be greatly appreciated. This fish has me stumped!
  5. RayRay

    Do I say anything?

    A friend of mine moved in with this girl a year or so ago and I visited their apartment. The roommate owns a loach, I think it's a spiny eel loach, and kept it in a 20 gallon tank. I asked her months ago if she was going to get a bigger tank for it and she said she was planning on it. A...
  6. RayRay

    Trying again

    After I lost my little goldfish a couple months ago I had been really feeling disenchanted with the tank. I haven't been posting here either since I was so out of it. But, I slowly grew to love it again and recently I decided it was time to try a goldfish once more, but this time go with a...
  7. RayRay

    Cloudy water and "dust"

    My water has been a cloudy white for the past four days now, since I did a water change wednesday. I also have this fine gray "dust" stuff settling on all of my plants. I can still see through to the back but it's definitely cloudy. The dust stuff looks almost the same as this dust stuff that...
  8. RayRay

    Any way to tell if MTS are still kicking?

    Last wednesday I got a small batch of MTS in the mail. I poked a couple and they were still moving around so I took that as a good sign that they survived the trip. So I put them in my tank, burying them in my sand a little. Now it's tuesday and I haven't seen any hide nor hair of the little...
  9. RayRay


    My fish has been sick for a few days now and I originally posted on this thead - I'm about to cry and was told that it was most likely a fungus, probably columnaris. So yesterday I was finally able to go out and get some medicine and began treating with Pimafix this morning for fungal...
  10. RayRay

    Quick video of my fish tank

    I'm procrastinating on cleaning (ignore any clutter you see in the reflection :;a) so to help me along I took a quick video of my two tanks.
  11. RayRay

    I'm about to cry

    Siphon ride and fungus I just bought a tiny (1") fancy goldfish this sunday and introduced him into my 55. Things were going well but I noticed a couple spots on him that I wasn't sure if they were ich or not. I decided to move him to my 10 to keep an eye on him. So I was siphoning water into...
  12. RayRay

    Driftwood from a river

    I just went down to the river (CT river) to find some rocks for my fish and I found a piece of driftwood that looked like it would work. Besides boiling and scrubbing it a bunch what else do I need to do to make it aquarium ready? And how long should I boil it for? Here's a pic just in case...
  13. RayRay

    55 gallon options

    I have a lightly planted 55 with a Marineland Emperor 400 and an Aquaclear 50. (600 gph altogether) I currently have 3 dojo loaches 6 danios (3 gold zebra & 3 purple passion) My original plan was to have 9 danios 3 dojo loaches 3-5 rainbows (of some kind) 1 fancy goldfish I'm...
  14. RayRay

    Two new babies!

    I accidentally ran into some weather loaches while checking out a new store. I couldn't resist bringing home a couple friends for Dr. Wiggles to play with. Prof. Whitey with Dr. Wiggles peeking out from behind him. Finley, Esq. Finley, Esq. again And Prof. Whitey with Dr...
  15. RayRay

    I think I have a problem

    My friends have noticed a disturbing trend with me. Everytime I go out for sushi I tend to also stop by a pet store to check out their fish. A week ago I went out for sushi and came home with three danios, a couple weeks before that same thing but instead only came home with some equipment...
  16. RayRay

    Danio Roseus

    One of my lfs's the other day had these under the name "Purple Haze Danios" and I'm doing a lot of consideration of adding them to my tank. How big do they get? The ones at the store seemed huge compared to my little danios, about two inches long if not more. Some sites say 2", others say 3"...
  17. RayRay

    Dojo Loach trying to escape

    I'm sorry I'm posting about a million times, but my dojo is my favorite fish so I worry over him easily. I was doing my tests today when there was a huge crash. I looked up and he was coming down from the top of the aquarium, obviously having slammed himself into the hood. Then he proceeds to...
  18. RayRay

    All moved in

    This tank started because I wanted a "pet" marimo. My boyfriend bought me a 10 gallon for our 2 year anniversary. Then it was decided that the 10 wasn't big enough. lol the 10 gallon The 55 when we first got it (anyone know what that weird divider thing is? I hate it) Getting it...
  19. RayRay

    Getting a little too friendly

    I used to lament the fact that Dr. Wiggles was skittish and would hide whenever I approached the tank. Then the other day I was feeding the fish zucchini and decided to try feeding him out of my hand. He absolutely loved it. He nibbled my fingers for a minute before he found the bit of veggie...
  20. RayRay

    Fishless Cycling. Crazy PH drop

    I'm testing the water from my 55 and my ph has dropped from 6.4 to 6.0 overnight. I know that ph fluctuations are normal during cycling but the lowest my 10 ever got was the 6.4. I just did a huge water change (about 40%) to get the nitrites down below 5 ppm Wednesay. Right now my readings are...

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