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    55 gallon

    here are the pictures of my 55 community tank. Right know it has 3 angelfish, 3 black skirt tetras, 3 diamond tetras and 3 otos and lots of live plants. sorry my pic won't upload!
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    introducing new angelfish

    Hello everybody, I have a 55 gallon tank where I had a pair of angelfish with several different tetras. Sadly my female angel died a couple of months ago. I would like to get a new baby angelfish, what would be the best way to introduce him? I don't really care if they pair up I just would like...
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    55 Gallon Tank 4th spawn, hope they get it right this time!

    hello people, hope my pair gets it right this time. They laid the eggs on a sword plant leaf. I am so exited hope they don't eat their eggs again like last time. I took the other two angels and two platy out and put them in my 38 gallon.Hope that helps. Should I move the cories out too? I want...
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    55 Gallon Tank so confused

    Hi yall every time I do a water change lately my water is cloudy and my substrate looks like it has a white film over it. I also do a thorough gravel vacuum at the same time.
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    Question hagen plant grow system with co2

    Hello, I have a 55 gallon planted tank and upgraded to a T5HO fixture. I know I need co2 but don't want to make my own system at this time. So here is my question would it be okay to get the Hagen Plant Grow System and add the seachem flourish excel? Would one plant grow unit be okay or...
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    Help T5HO lighting and CO2?

    Hi everyone, I have a 55 gallon tank and just upgraded my lighting. I bought the Aquatic Life T5HO Dual lamp fixture. It has two 54 watt bulbs. I thought it gives me 108 watt wich would make it Below 2 wpg so I don't have to do CO2. Now I read that the wattage is higher with this fixture and...
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    lost my new babies

    Hi every one, I have a 55 gal planted tank with three angels. They are doing very well and are about 2 inches without fins. Yesterday I went and bought two more about the size of a dime. The first one past away about three hours later. the second one was dead the next morning. some one told...
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    Question cloudy water in established tank

    I have 55 g tank for a year now and never had this problem before. Today I did my weekly water change, about one hour later my water was cloudy.It looks like some one put a few drops of milk in the tank an stirred it up. I did a more thorough vacuum gravel then normally and rearranged...
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    swords and angels

    Happy New Year everybody. i have 4 angels 4 emerald corys 3 otos and 5 neons. I would like to add 1 male and 3 female swords. Would they get along with my angels and would the angels eat the swordtail fry? oh and I have a 55 gallon. Thank you for responses.
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    adding more Angels

    Hi people, I upgraded to a 55 gallon tank last week. Right now it is housing 2 Angels about 3 inches in size. Also 2 pristellas 3 Blackskirt tetras 4 Corys 8 Neons and one guppy. My question is would it be possible to add two more Angels.I saw some nice ones yesterday. They are still very...
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    40 Gallon Tank Correct Lighting For Low Light Plants?

    Hi everyone I have a 38 gallon tank with low light plants.Right now I have four light bulbs they are marineland 10 watt 5100 k. My question is will this be enough light for my plants? Of what I been reading this is not enough wattage. Thank you for your replies Nora.
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    40 Gallon Tank overstocking???

    Hey everybody, dumb question ,I have a 38gallon tank,stocked with 4 corydoras 5 male guppies 5 blackskirt tetras 4 pristella tetras 1swordtailbaby <mystyeriously survived> I wuold love to add about 8 neon tetras, should I give my guppies away in order not to be overtstocked??? Iam new...
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    lost my two favorite guppies

    here it goes, a couple of days ago I noticed a reddish brown edge on my metallic blue male guppy also there was like some white thin threads on the tail fin.I thought it was fin rot of what i could find out on the website. I never had this before so I rushed out and got a 3g tank and set it up...
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    Help confused about low light and plants

    I have a 38 gallon tank with silk plants that I want to convert to real plants. so far I put in a small java fern. What is the right wattage for my tank?It came with four 10 watt bulbs. Is this enough for low light plants, and is it too bright for my fish?? 4 cory catfish 3 sword tails 3...
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    Question swordtail eats too much??

    :;dogrun:;:;dogrun:;dogrun Hi everybody, everytime I feed my fish one of my female swords really eats like a little pig.Her belly gets so round she looks like she gets ready to explode. She poos a long string I know it sounds gross. The next day she is back to normal until the next feeding. I...
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    Guppies chasing swordtails is that normal?

    Hi everybody, I have 8 male guppies in my 38 gallon tank along with 1 male swordtail and 3 female swordtails. some of the guppies are always ganging up on the female swordtails and chasing the poor thing around. This is starting to bother me cause i love my swords.I don't have a second tank...
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    Swordtails, guppies and german blue rams????

    :;dogrun:; Hi everyone, I would love to add a pair of german blue rams. I am not sure if this would work in my tank. A friend of mine would take my guppies, she is setting up her own tank. I would like to keep at least four of the guppies if possible. I am grateful for any response. This is...
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    did I overstock???

    hi everyone, I am new to this but already totally hooked. I have a 38 g tank and everything is going well. I have 3 silver dollars, 4 emerald catfish,8 guppies 2 male and 4 female swords. I noticed a couple of days ago two of my swords are pregnet. I dont want to raise any fry. Thank you for...

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