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  1. MyFireElf

    Something is wrong with my Tartar Sauce

    Well, shoot. :-/ I did do daily water changes with Prime over the weekend, which seemed to help a lot, and we went back to work on Tuesday so he's back in his own tank (0,0,5). Except now I think there may have been permanent damage - his dorsal fin is almost gone! It was so fast; there was a...
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  4. MyFireElf

    Something is wrong with my Tartar Sauce

    Oh dear, no it wasn't. I thought the water would be enough to cycle it. Just when I think I've finally got this stuff figured out... Would a water change help, or will it just make it worse?
  5. MyFireElf

    Something is wrong with my Tartar Sauce

    I've had the week off from work so I brought him home with me - he went from a 5.5 gallon tank to a 2.5 gallon tank, but I brought his own water from work, and he seemed to be doing fine. When I left this afternoon he was swimming normally, but when I got back a few minutes ago he is completely...
  6. MyFireElf

    Please help my poor betta poop!

    Thanks for the advice - I'll try bits of pea for the rest of the week, then fast him Sat, Sun, & Mon. If that doesn't work I'll see if I can find daphnia at any of the nearby fish stores. aquarist48, I have been feeding him 4-5 pellets a day and frozen blood worms or frozen/live brine shrimp...
  7. MyFireElf

    Please help my poor betta poop!

    I'm pretty sure my little guy, Tartar Sauce, is constipated - his belly is big like he ate too much and paler than the rest of him. I don't think it's dropsy because his scales are flat and I can't see any bulging from the top, just the sides. Last week I tried fasting him for two days then...
  8. MyFireElf

    Caring for a female betta?

    I know I've seen a thread asking this very question, but I can't seem to find it now. Are there any special considerations for keeping a female betta as a pet? I remember reading something about "eggbound", but is that something I can prevent? And since this is also a thinly veiled excuse to...
  9. MyFireElf

    Help Is Triple Sulfa hurting my betta?

    Furallicah, I used Jungle when I first brought him home, so it's been a few weeks at least. A funny thing about the sulfa - the whole time I was using it the roof of my mouth was swollen, which stopped when I stopped treating him. Then I remembered why; I'm allergic to sulfa! Hah, maybe poor...
  10. MyFireElf

    Help Is Triple Sulfa hurting my betta?

    A while back I bought Phineas, who I thought might have fin rot, and I treated him with Jungle Fungus Clear and Mardel Maracyn, which didn’t seem to help. After lurking here on the forums for a while I decided to try just keeping his water clean, with frequent changes and garlic juice in the...
  11. MyFireElf

    Help Fin rot experience? Need advice.

    You know, I had thought about that... On the one hand, it would be just like me to over-worry and misdiagnose him, and the fin doesn't seem to be getting any shorter. On the other hand, there does seem to be less black there now than when I bought him (no before and after pics I can use for...
  12. MyFireElf

    Help Fin rot experience? Need advice.

    I was wondering if someone could give me a little advice about fin rot, since I haven't treated it before. Since I brought home Finless Phineas last Wednesday, I put him in his 10 gallon tank with a Jungle Fungus Clear tablet and a packet of Mardel Maracyn (I added a new packet every 24 hours...
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  16. MyFireElf

    Oh no! Squirt got stuck

    It sounds like you did everything you could to make his home safe. Hopefully he makes a full recovery. We'll be thinking good thoughts for you both.
  17. MyFireElf

    10 Gallon Tank Anyone use the Hydor mini-heater?

    I have the one meant for up to five gallons, and I have to admit I'm not really thrilled with it. My tank's only 2.5 gallons, and it usually only raises the temp about 3 degrees. I can't imagine that it would work better on a tank twice that size, plus if the temperature in my office goes up or...
  18. MyFireElf

    Not the best betta homecoming...

    Thank you all so much for being so nice! I felt absolutely rotten about all this yesterday. My people! You are my people! I looked at the divided tank how-to, but in the end I decided that I really wanted to give just one fish as much room as possible. I called the fish store (it's LFS, not...
  19. Captain Blood

    Captain Blood

    The Captain was only here for a night before heading back to the pet store, but we loved him all the same.
  20. Tarter Sauce

    Tarter Sauce

    Tartar Sauce was a birthday gift from a co-worker. He lives at my office and is a spoiled brat.

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