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    Question Should I Be Worried About Floating White Particles In Tank Water?

    I’ve recently noticed white floating particle (see image) on the top of my betta tank. I just changed the water but it is still there. It seems that my fish doesn’t really care but should I be worried.
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    How Long Should I Wait Before Changing Tank Water To A New Betta?

    I got a new betta fish 3 days ago. I’d like to know how long i should wait before doing a 20% water change or does this not matter.
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    Help Betta Not Eating

    I have this new betta that is refusing to eat. The pellet that I am feeding is the betta bio-gold from Hikari. I've noticed that he would only go after the pellet if it is dropping but once it touches the ground, he leaves it. When he does actually eat it, he just spits it back out and leaves...
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    Question Anyone Know What Type Of Betta Fish This Is?

    I just picked him up yesterday and I'd like to know what type he is and why he was kinda expensive.
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    Help New Betta Fish Not Moving

    I just picked up this betta fish yesterday. I cycled the tank for 24 hours and I also acclimated him before putting him in. I have the top fin bettaflo 2 gallon tank which comes with a filter. When I first put him in, he explored a bit and moved around but this morning, he hasn’t really been...

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