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    Silver Apollo sharks have swollen red eyes

    Please help. My 3 apollo sharks have one red eye each. They're still moving normal though 1 of them is a bit stressed as its eye is really red and there's a white film already like a cataract. What is this decease? It only affects the apollo shark though..all 3 of them. The red eye just suddenly...
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    Crocodile Fish feeding

    I recently (2days now) bought 1 crocodile fish (looks like one as per search thru the net). Tank mates are sharks, clown loach, 3 pearl gourami and some glass cats. I'm feeding my fishes frozen bloodworm and bloodworm simultaneously. But I noticed that the croco fish is not feeding. What should...
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    blue lobster nipped off Silver Apollo sharks tail

    Hi. Just started my aquarium 6 days ago and stocked it with 3 of each shark kinds namely Bala, Redtail, Rainbow Albino, Silver Apollo. I also bought 3 red and blue lobsters. I bought them all in one day. The first few days, they are all getting along together. But when I bought 3 shrimps the...

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