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  1. anaugle

    Help Friend for Oscar

    My tank looks really bare with just my Oscar. What can i put in it that he wont eat? He also likes to re-arrange the plants,rocks and ornaments .It,s a 50 gallon tank and he is 7 inches. Any suggestions???? Plastic plants? Another friend? Larger ornaments? Any help would be great!!
  2. anaugle

    Help Angelfish eggs I noticed today that my Angel fish had laid some eggs on a rock in the tank. Not sure what to do. Need help!!!! Should I remove the eggs or wait til they hatch and try to catch them in the big tank? What should I do to help these eggs hatch/ Any info would be great!!! Thanks.
  3. anaugle

    Question Cory whiskers

    Ok, so I had a bad bacteria infection in my tank and all the corys lost their whiskers. The water has cleared up now but I wanted to know if they will grow back their whiskers? They look so funny but cute without them.
  4. anaugle

    One eyed Willie update

    Just wanted to let everyone know that One eyed Willie is doing great. We had an issue with the YoYo loach eating his bad eye. He ate half of it before we realized. We removed the loach and his bad eye is healing nicely. As for the loach........well he committed suicide. He jumped out of the tank...
  5. anaugle

    Question Romaine Lettuce

    So I put some romaine lettuce in 2 of my tanks. How long should I leave it there? 24hrs or until it is brown and gross looking? My YoYo loach,Angels and yellow labs like it alot. Should I keep it in there(fresh of course) always as another source of food or just as a treat? Oh and what about...
  6. anaugle

    Question pronunciation of cichlids

    I've been having a debate on how to pronounce cichlids. Is it: sick lids, chick lids, chitcha lids Can some one tell me please so I don't look like a fool when I pronounce them. Thanks!!
  7. anaugle

    New driftwood

    I found this lovely piece of driftwood and I thought I would share it with you. The Golden Apple snails love it!
  8. anaugle

    New fish

    So I got new fish!! I got an Oranda gold fish which I loved alot! Had it for 4 days in my quarantine tank and woke up to find he had ich. The next day he died. Very sad. So I brought him back to get a new one but the whole tank had ich so I didnt get another Oranda. For months at the LFS there...
  9. anaugle

    Question Flaring only one side?

    So I noticed my Betta only flares one side of his face. Is this normal if they don't flare alot. I was told to get a mirror as a toy so he can flare to exercise his (not sure what they are called) but I will call it his beard. He barely flared until I got the mirror and noticed only one side of...
  10. anaugle

    Question Do fish............?

    So,... some silly(maybe) but curious questions about fish. Do fish.........burp?(My Angelfish open his mouth like he burped) pee?(They drink so just wanted to know if they pee) fart?(My new Oranda had an air bubble come from his pooper) have...
  11. anaugle

    Question Fuzzy Cory

    Four days ago I noticed my fav cory was fuzzy. He had fungus growing out of his side fin. So I went to the LFS to get something for him. I got Pimafix. I used it like the bottle said but........he died 3 days later. I'm very heart broken he died. My question is.... Does the Pimafix really work...
  12. anaugle

    Question Microworms/white worms??!

    Okay so I went to a fish auction and got some microworms for my molly fry. NO instructions came with it so...... a few questions: I cant see the worms, they are in a mucky mess of yeast and oatmeal I guess........Should I be able to see the worms? How do I get them out to feed the fry? Where...
  13. anaugle

    Help Zeo-carb

    I have a product for my AC HOB it's called zeo-carb. It's the filter insert that has carbon and ammonia remover in it. It has black and white bead like things in it. The carbon one is just black(which I've been using). My questions are...... Does anyone know how well this works? And is it better...
  14. anaugle

    Help fish rubbing

    Some of my fish have been rubbing on some of the ornaments like they are itchy. I don't see signs of ICH but could it be? I had a Molly die as well and the ammonia is up slightly so is that it...the ammonia level is up? Everything else is good. I don't want them to scratch themselves to the...
  15. anaugle

    PINK Parrat fish

    I was at my LPS and seen this beautiful pink parrot fish. I was going to buy it right there and then. But i resisted and wanted to check them out on line to see what i needed to take care of them. I was reading that these fish are dyed fish and it is recommended to stay away from them. Does...
  16. anaugle

    Help Baby Mollies

    I just found 11 baby Mollies in my tank. I saved question is.... How often do you feed the fry?

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