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  1. alyymarie

    Friends were a bad idea

    It really is a gamble, the few bettas I've had with ghost shrimp ignored them for the most part - except for one female who did not like sharing with them at feeding time.
  2. alyymarie

    School me on Bettas.

    She's so cute! The females are actually my favorite, I always fall for their cute little faces. And they can jump a lot higher - which is adorable, as long as you have a good lid. My females have only gotten eggy when they are in sight of a male - like in my divided tanks. But I'm sure it could...
  3. alyymarie

    Where there is a will, there is a way.

    That's such a great deal for that tank! I'm jealous Lovely betta also!
  4. alyymarie

    I got another betta!

    It's probably just a nice place to rest. As long as he is eating normally and looking healthy, he's fine
  5. alyymarie

    I got another betta!

    He is so gorgeous! No wonder you had to save him Also, I fed my bettas flakes for a very long time and they liked it just fine. Sometimes it took them a while to get used to, but they are all piggies deep down and will try almost anything.
  6. alyymarie

    Betta Bowl {read before you react}

    I don't think most people on here try to be condescending, even if it might come across that way. I think it could be because once you have been keeping fish for a while, you realize that the more you spend up front for more space and necessities like heaters/filters, the less you have to work...
  7. alyymarie

    New Baby Betta

    Aww so cute! I would've brought him/her home for sure, very unique. Baby bettas are so much fun
  8. alyymarie

    Question Betta & Community Tank

    It's very possible that she might. My female never bothered the shrimp, but I have heard many stories. I definitely don't think you should put her in the community because of the gourami, and especially not if you add an angelfish too. Bettas and gourami tend to be aggressive towards each other.
  9. alyymarie

    Betta abuse is too common!

    I completely agree. This is why I try to support my local pet store, they take much better care of their fish and I feel like I can ask their employees questions and actually get informed answers. The only thing I don't buy there are bettas because they don't have much of a selection. But I...
  10. alyymarie

    10 gallon barracks

    It is really fun to set up a 10 gallon for one betta, gives you lots of room to be creative and they love the space. I have my 10 gallon divided in half and I think that's still a good amount of space, I wouldn't go any smaller really.
  11. alyymarie

    My new guy

    Thanks guys, he is still doing well. Lots of water changes with some salt. He is a stubborn one with eating though, he looks at his pellets like "What is this?". Lol he eats them eventually though. Can't wait to see his fins grow, I'll definitely update
  12. alyymarie

    My new guy

    I went to PetCo for cat food! But I can never resist looking at their bettas. This particular day, however, they were in the worst condition I'd ever seen them. Many were dead, others had brown water with crud at the bottom. I felt so bad for them. I had an empty 3 gallon at home so I...
  13. alyymarie

    Aggressive Betta

    If the algae is your main problem, my advice is to get a light source other than sunlight, so that you can control it. There may simply be too much light. And once your plants are settled in and start growing, they will help control the algae. Your tank still needs to find its equilibrium since...
  14. alyymarie

    Question For Betta owners

    Usually they don't get much larger, since they are generally at adult size once you see them in the store. The king bettas are quite a bit larger if that's what you're looking for, I have one of those. The rest of my bettas are regular, my biggest one is probably my female Rainbow: She lived...
  15. alyymarie

    Another new baby!

    She already knows that my hands are the bringers of food lol, she's doing well. I think she's enjoying her tank. I turned the air stone on for a while and she immediately started eating the bubbles.
  16. alyymarie

    Another new baby!

    Just picked up this little girl yesterday. I shouldn't have, but I made room - now we have 6 bettas at home! She was just too precious to leave, she's so tiny. Already has a good appetite though. She's a little crowntail, I'm excited to see how her colors will turn out. Eventually I...
  17. alyymarie

    Question What's the minimum sized tank you should have for a betta ?

    I would also agree with 5 gallons as the minimum. Many people might say 2.5, but at that rate it's basically the same cost to get a 5, and it doesn't take up much more space. So if you have room for a 2.5, you likely have room for a 5. A 10 gallon is more of a step up and can be harder to find...
  18. alyymarie

    Betta build perhaps

    I've never met a betta who didn't enjoy having more space, I am constantly upgrading my 4 bettas' tanks I just put my male plakat in a 55 gallon and he seems to be enjoying himself, he's big and strong so I hope the height isn't that bad for him. Just make sure you get tall plants, maybe a...
  19. alyymarie

    What would make a good betta tankmate?

    I agree it's best not to keep tankmates with bettas, they very much enjoy having their own space. I have one community tank with a betta, but it is a 55 gallon so he has plenty of his own space, and every decision regarding the other fish needs to be centered around his comfort and safety.
  20. alyymarie

    Betta Death

    So sorry for your loss I do think it sounds like old age was a factor since it happened so fast and your water was clean. At least he got to have such a good life with you!

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