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  1. striker

    Is my guppy pregnant

    Looks like she is pregnant. Cheers! and good luck with nursing the fry
  2. striker

    Heater for my 2.5 gallon

    I can vouch for a tetra 10 gallon submersible heater. They are great for small tanks.
  3. striker

    Should I Replace Carbon?

    I would also like to add that it is much better if you just do water changes to keep the water in clear condition.
  4. striker

    algae eaters?

    You can try adding a otocinclus but if the tank is newly established then I would just suggest to do some extra water changes (10%-15% water changes). I would put 1 nerite snail and that should take care of the algae.
  5. striker

    need amount of gravel ok to use in tank?

    I would also say it depends on how you want your tank to look. Typically it should have 1-2 pounds of gravel for each gallon of water. So i would put 40 lbs of gravel in a 40 gallon.
  6. striker

    My 6 gallon aquarium

    Whoa so many plants. Your plants look very healthy.
  7. striker

    Planted 5.5 gallon

    Great tank and I like the assortment of plants.
  8. striker

    What Veggies do you feed your fish?

    I feed my oto blanched zucchini in the night and in the morning you can see that he had a huge dinner.
  9. striker

    55 Gallon Tank I potho'd my tank

    Sweet. I really like the design for your tank. The pothos will reduce the nitrate levels. Look forward to a update on this experiment
  10. striker

    Question hungry plants?

    Hornwort is a floating plant that grows a lot and eats up a lot of nitrates
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  12. 10 gallon

    10 gallon

  13. 10 Gallon

    10 Gallon

  14. striker

    Horwort Thriving

    wow that is some serious growth.
  15. striker

    Before and After

    Great! Looks superb
  16. striker

    Oto or Bristlenose Plec?

    I voted for oto's. My oto eats all the algae off my anubias plants keeping them in great condition. I also feed him zucchini when i notice that he does not have a round belly.
  17. striker

    I plan to buy a new filter, but hat would be a good choice?

    I would go with a aqua-clear filter. They have plenty of room for media. I have a aquaclear 20 in my ten gallon and as for media i just use sponges.
  18. striker

    2 Gallon Tank Aqueon Mini-bow fluorescent options

    Well a friend of mine uses walmart's GE 10 watt 6500k cfl light in his. You should give it a try.
  19. striker

    Question Would a 75% water change hurt?

    Ah I edited because I did make a spelling mistake.
  20. striker

    20 Gallon Tank Best filter for 26 gallon bow front

    I would also suggest a aqua clear 50 or 70 (70 would be better).

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