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  1. Ohio Mark

    Question Any Suggestions For A "wave Maker" For A 29 Gallon Tank?

    I recently put in a Freesea model. It moves water, all right! It's creating very heavy currents! My vals are blowing around like marsh reeds in a hurricane. Does anyone use a model that is satisfactory?
  2. Ohio Mark

    Little White Worms On Glass?

    I have a single female guppy in an established 10 gallon tank with quite a few RCS in the same tank. She has been looking rather thin. I recently treated the tank with API General cure. This morning I noticed dozens of very tiny thin white worms (?) on the aqaurium glass. At first I thought I...
  3. Ohio Mark

    Ohio Mark's Office Tanks

    I had a co-worker take these earlier today and Guanchy encouraged me to post them. Sorry they are not as clear or close-up as many are. The first one is a 29 "community" and the second one is a "nursery" tank. I'm using it to grow out some juvenile apistos.
  4. Ohio Mark

    Water From A Water Softener?

    Can water from a water softener safely be used in an aquarium?
  5. Ohio Mark

    What Makes Panda Corys Turn Darker In Color?

    I'm having a lot of trouble with my panda corys. Sigh. Recently I bought new ones and lost most of them to fin rot (I believe) which was evident as soon as they arrived. Several did respond to treatment and looked okay, but now I notice them turning dark tan instead of white. Is this a sign of...
  6. Ohio Mark

    There Has Got To Be A Better Way To Feed Frozen Brine Shrimp

    I've just gotten done looking on Amazon for feeders for frozen brine shrimp cubes, but none of the reviews was that encouraging. I feed cubes of brine shrimp a few times a week and the cube kind of floats on the surface for a bit and then all at once starts falling apart. In some of my tanks it...
  7. Ohio Mark

    Rubber Bands In Aquarium?

    Someone just gave me two Anubis (spelling?) plants that have been started on rocks using rubber bands to hold them in place. Is this safe for aquarium use?
  8. Ohio Mark


    I've just been told the smooth, bright green "algae" covering a piece of driftwood and starting to appear on my sand is not aglae, but cyanobacteria. Can anyone give suggestions on how to eradicate it? I found a product on a link to Amazon, but it looks like it's for "red stains" and I want to...
  9. Ohio Mark

    Picky Eaters?

    I'm new to neon tetras. I am discovering they (or at least the ones I have) are very picky eaters. I have seen them dart for flake food (Foster & Smith Tropical Flake) only to spit it back out. They loathe API "Tropical Greens" flakes... They will eat Hikari Micro Pellets but even so, I see them...
  10. Ohio Mark

    Tank Mates For Rcs?

    I have NO experience with shrimp, so I'm just thinking out loud, so to speak. I have an extra 10 gallon with equipment. I have long wanted CPD's so I was hoping to use the 10 for a desk-top CPD tank and I came across the shrimp threads... Can RCS be housed with CPD and/ or Harlequin Rasboras...
  11. Ohio Mark

    Red Wag And Golden Wag Platy Mix?

    I'm just curious... I saw a picture of a tank with red & gold wag platys mixed. It was a beautiful sight! I'm thinking of emptying my big guppy tank and doing platys in there, but wondering what the fry might look like. Has anyone tried this mixture?
  12. Ohio Mark

    Looking For Hard-to-find Platys

    I've checked the "easy to find" sites that come up if you Google platys for sale, like Aquabid, Liveaquaria, ThatPetPlace, etc., but still searching for a few "special" kinds, the "showa tricolor" in particular, as well as Marlboro red & Sanke Koi. Does anyone know of specialists or breeders who...
  13. Ohio Mark

    Looking For Koi Pattern Platys

    I am looking for "koi" or "sanke koi" colored platys. Does anyone know of a reliable source for them?
  14. Ohio Mark

    Hard Water Stocking Suggestions

    I might be jumping the gun here, as I am still waiting for my test kit to arrive (for water hardness), but I do know we have hard water. My livebearers have always done well in our water, but I am starting a 29 gallon tank and was curious what others say about hardwater stocking. My "wish list"...
  15. Ohio Mark

    Tank-mate Suggestion For Cpd's?

    I'm working towards a 29 gallon tank. The CPD is my "must have" fish, but so many others on my wish list don't seem compatible OR are maybe too delicate for a relative newbie. (Lots of experience with guppies, etc.) I'm wondering if anyone has some good ideas about stocking around CPD's? I do...
  16. Ohio Mark


    I'm reading that 50 gallons is the best size for Kribensis, which rules out putting them in my soon-to-be-built 29 gallon, but out of curiosity, how compatible are they with other fish? Once listing called them semi-aggressive but it sounds to me like they are more of a bottom-dweller? Can they...
  17. Ohio Mark

    The Best Way To Research Fish Profiles?

    I'm thinking of stocking options. Is there a way to check out the profile for the fish I am interested in? I want to make sure I have the same conditions, appropriate tank size, compatibility, etc.
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