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    Fish Fungus

    I am pretty sure I just lost my whole tank. about a week ago my Dwarf Frog shriveled up over night and died. Then about 3 days later one of my mollies died. Shortly after it was a dominoe affect and I am down to 2 tiger barbs that look extremely bad. I wish I could just end their lifes, I know...
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    DIY Moon Lights

    I am awaiting my parts I have ordered to build myself a little moonlight. I am going to try and document it so that others can also build one if they wish. Any ideas on what to do for documentation? Video, Photos, Parts List? I am thinking all of the above, but curious since I have never done...
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    Selling fry?

    How would I go about selling or giving away fry? The first set was 3 fry, but a week later another 20+ were swimming around. I have moved them to a breeder net, but they will overwhelm my tank. I am going to need to get rid of some and probably move my male away from the females. I want to leave...
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    Sick or Injured?

    Anybody seen this? I seperated her, but I don't think she will make it. She is not eating. I don't know what happened. I just got her from the LFS 2 days ago. Any ideas? Best I could do was move her to my temporary 2 gal tank. Forgot to mention, it is her lip, mainly the upper lip.
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    Help Heater Recommendations

    I have 2 tanks, fixing to have a 3rd. I am trying to decide many things, one of which is a heater. Currently my thermostat is broke, so I am using a timer and watching it closely. So far I am good, but I don't want to take a chance. What are the good and bad everybody has experienced with...
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    White Sediment in tank after cycle

    There is a white sediment floating around in my tank. I am lost as to what it is, and my fish are acting fine. Looks like salt floating around, but I have no salt in it. 100+ gallon tank, did a 25% cycle and cleaned half the gravel. There is an underground filter installed with activated...
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    Just Starting Out (105 Gallon)

    I am new to owning fish, but a long time lover of fish. With my wife's approval, we finally were financially able to own a tank. I bought this tank and stand from a previous owner of a fish store that got sucked into the oilfield. So far so good, the fish are starting to appear more, and they...
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    Skin Irritation While Cleaning Tank

    Just curious, I am an EMT and I don't get human problems I don't understand most of the time... So... I was doing a water change of about 20 gallons on my 100 gallon tank. My arm lays on the top of the tank while I am suctioning water out. After I finished the cycle, I noticed a red...
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    Help Black Molly and Silver Dollar

    Ok, so purchased my 105 Gallon Tank from a gentleman and he recently sold all of his fish except the 3" Silver Dollar. We drained the tank together to about 2-3" of water left. I transferred to my house and immediately set up and filled with RO Water. I got the BioWheel going again and the air...

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