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    Who to Breed? (lots of pics)

    So far I have done two "trial" breedings with my red veil tail 'Xyston', and now that i have the hang of it I think it's getting close to trying it for real. Im giving away the last of the 50 babies this sunday so i'll have my breeding tank empty. The only problem is I have three possible...
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    Addicted (another new male)

    So I went to the pet store today and tried to stay away from the betta's because I know I'm addicted. It's hard because I work there, but I was managing because they didn't have to be cleaned today. On my way out I went into the office to get my hat and jacket and there he was, this tiny opaque...
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    Summer project commited suicide

    So about a week ago I got a double tail Cambodian betta that was supposed to be the start of my betta breeding project, double tail because I heard it makes single tail offspring have longer tails. He was in a 1 gallon jar for about two days, until I got my 10 gallon completly ready. The jar...
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    Fish identification help

    My mom is always admiring my tanks, I have 7 , and recently one of my friends gave me their old tank, I cleaned it, set it up, and had an idea, Mothers Day present! So mom went out to the pet store yesterday (without me!), and came home with this guy, not a clue as to what it is, as I've never...
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    New Betta Boys :)

    These are my two new boys, one is a super-delta Chocolate and the other is an almost solid Blue halfmoon. I got both free from the pet store I work at, as they weren't looking so great at the store but they cheered up as soon as I got them home . (sorry bout the bad pics)

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