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  1. guppynubis

    Question 41 Mystery Snail In 4tank

    I take them at lake,just take the egg,they are many egg there..first they all no problem..pretty good in cleaning..the problem comes after a month..they start eat my anubias plant.they size about 1inch.every day I need to pick the leftover leaf in my thank..and you know how hard anubias will...
  2. guppynubis

    Reseal 50g Tank

    guppynubis submitted a new resource: reseal 50g tank - my experience Read more about this resource...
  3. guppynubis

    Hello To All Tank Mate

    well new member need 3 post..I don know what to post..rather than very like to my guppy death 2male 1 female..its not happen since 2 month ago..I found mouth fungus from a couple fish im buying from the other hobbies..I do already put fish salt and anti fungus..but the 3...

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