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  1. TimothyHartwick

    Question Algae on sponge

    So I have a sponge on top of my filter’s spray bar to reduce flow and and noise, it’s recently had green algae on it because the light is close to it. I’ve tried scrubbing it off with a toothbrush in warm water but didn’t get far. I’m thinking if putting it in hot water but scared it will kill...
  2. TimothyHartwick

    Help Anything Wrong With My Betta?

    He’s not been moving as much and stays near the bottom (sometimes face down). Eats his food and moves fast when he goes to the top for air even though his tank is aerated. Also noticed this white piece on his fins for a week. Any ideas?
  3. TimothyHartwick

    Question What Is Nerite Doing?

    Got this tiger nerite a while ago and after a 40% water change he's been on the glass wall near the waterline (body in water, part of the shell is outside) for a couple hours. And his mouth is in his shell, checked for smell and he doesn't smell bad. What is it and what do I do? Just saw him...
  4. TimothyHartwick

    Help Heater Cracked

    My 1 week old Betta has starting laying on the floor of the tank and I don’t know why, checked temperature, parameters, signs of diseases nothing. I have no idea why. I’d like to hear your inputs. But as soon as I get my finger close he moves, he isn’t lethargic either.
  5. TimothyHartwick

    Question Is It Possible For Nerite Snail Eggs To Hatch In Freshwater?

    Heard some stories of nerite snail eggs being hatched in freshwater, is this true? Not happened to me just curious.
  6. TimothyHartwick

    Question Male Or Female?

    Got this guy just over a week ago and I can't decide if it is a male or a female. If I had to guess I'd think it's a male. Keep in mind he was flaring while I took these photos. And I apologize his body colour is a very dark blue/red.
  7. TimothyHartwick

    Question Type Of Betta?

    Recently saved this beautiful betta and housed in its new tank and already better! Can anyone identify him? I think he is a crowntail not sure though.
  8. TimothyHartwick

    Help Eggs?

    Just got a heater yesterday with a tiger nerite for 2.5 gallon and this afternoon the top of the heater was slimy. Rinsed off with chlorinated water just to kill anything on it. Also a week a go found these 'bubbles' near the top of my filter, at the same time these weird worms starting...
  9. TimothyHartwick

    Help Tiger Nerite Snail

    I just got a tiger nerite snail today and one these worms are "annoying" it. Should I be worried?
  10. TimothyHartwick

    What Plant Is This?

    I originally had two stems but overtime it turned into eight. I want to ID it so I know where to cut it without damaging it. Thank you
  11. TimothyHartwick

    3 Months Later

    Set up this tank nearly 3 months ago what do you think? Also passed the bacterial bloom stage, so I am happy with that. I want to thank you all who helped me throughout this journey. First picture was a few days after I set it up and the new one is today.
  12. TimothyHartwick

    Help Heater For 2.5 Gal

    Does anyone know a good heater suitable for a 2.5 gallon aquarium? One of the problems are it has to be from or, I’m looking for one under 15 W and the height has to be less than 16 cm (measured from the top of gravel until the water level). Thanks in advance.
  13. TimothyHartwick

    Help Is My Betta Sick?

    After cycling my tank I got a betta fish (around 42 hours ago). I properly acclimated the parameters and temperature. He is at the top slowly breathing and moves for 2 seconds every half minute. Doesn’t have a heater because room temperature is around 23.5- 25°C. I’ve turned the filter of atm...
  14. TimothyHartwick

    Help Bought Filter 2 Weeks Ago And Cloudy Water?

    I’ve had this tank for 2 months now and just got a filter 2 weeks ago. Ever since I put it in it started to be cloudy, it somewhat cleared up but still very cloudy. I put cycled media from my established tank and feed it fish food or pure ammonia every day since their aren’t any fish in it...
  15. TimothyHartwick

    Question Filter Running Time

    I've purchased a sponge filter with cycled media from my established tank. It's a 5 gallon with no fishes and it's heavly planted. If I wanted to turn it off during the day because of the noise, how long can it last with it off without beneficial bacteria stars to die off. Besides the filter...
  16. TimothyHartwick

    Help Shrimp?

    Help me identify this shrimp.
  17. TimothyHartwick

    Question Loaches Temporary In 5 Gallon?

    I have a 5 gallon without a filter or a heater, fully planted though. And I will purchase a filter tomorrow. The tank has been set up for over a month and a half. Is it possible to put the loach temporarily in the 5 gallon? (Right now they are in a 75 gallon and they are also small about an...
  18. TimothyHartwick

    Identification Of Plant. And Trimming Roots?

    I've got this plant that had extremely long roots (too big to fit under 5 gallon substrate) any options? I got it around 4 weeks ago and it seems to be thriving. And also what is the name of this plant? Btw I'm not talking about the monte carlo behind.
  19. TimothyHartwick

    Question 5 Gallon Syphoning

    Is it OK to do syphon a 5 gallon everyday? This tank doesn't have a filter and it's heavily planted. Also no fish are in the tank and I have no intention of putting a fish in. A month ago I got this tank and I didn't have a small enough syphon to use so I used jugs. When I found one today I...
  20. TimothyHartwick

    Help Help! Hundreds Of Detritus Worms In 5 Gallon.

    A started this tank around 4-5 weeks ago and it’s a planted tank only with no fish in it neither a filter or heater. I dose it with fertilisers every week with 5ml. A week ago it wasn’t so bad. I’ve never fed the tank and now their could be thousands on all sides. They usually go under substrate...

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