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  1. Etcetera

    Foster & Smith Aquatics Just Lost a Customer

    I've been a long time customer of because of their great customer service, low prices, fast and low cost shipping, and of course, the variety and quality of the items they sell. A huge reason why I shopped here was because they did not offer any blatantly cruel devices for animal torture that...
  2. Etcetera

    Question Safe Anemone Removal

    My boyfriend recently acquired a 30G saltwater setup with a few fish, corals, and a ton of mature rock. However, there is a large anemone who has decided to settle on the top center rock taking up a lot of light and valuable real estate for coral. It also has stung him several times and has...
  3. Etcetera

    Question Mixing German Blue and Bolivian Rams

    Could 1 pair of blue rams and 1 pair of bolivian rams coexist peacefully in a 36G with plant cover and a dozen or so rock caves? What do you think are the odds? What other configurations could work for a tank this size? Any input is appreciated!

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