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    Red Zebra Just gave BIRTH!!! Now What?

    My Red Zebra cichlid just gave birth! Its amazing. I only 4 babies swimming around but I can still see some more babies in still in her mouth? What does this mean? I have actually isolated her in a glass jar that's hanging in my tank. I'm buying a small tank tomorrow, and will get it going...
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    How much can I overstock a 55-60gal Tank

    Hi, I'm going to be buying a around a 55-60gal tank for my cichlids, I have a Hongi, Red Zebra, Kenyi, Ngara White Tail, and a yellow lab right now. They're all still about 2-3 inches. I've heard overstocking in a larger tank can curb agression. I'm wondering how many more fish I could add...
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    Should I euthanize my cichlid?

    Hi, I know this is a very sad topic, and even a tougher decision for me, but if I could get some advice, it would really help. I've had my first cichlid tank for about 8 months now. One of my cichlids sort of fell behind in the growth race, where most of my cichlids are now about 3-3.5...

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