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  1. striker

    Question Aquatic Edge Powerhead 300

    I just recieved a powerhead in the mail that I bought on ebay and Has anybody heard of this powerhead. (aquatic edge powerhead 300) GPH Rating - 95 Gallons/Hr Well I was looking it up and it seems to be a cheap powerhead. (btw I got it for $1.26 us dollars) I'm planning on using it on my 10...
  2. striker

    aponogeton plant propagation

    I bought some bulbs at walmart a while back and they grew like crazy mad plants. So now some are shooting flowering stalks and I know I'm suppose to pollinate the flowers. But there are 2 plants that instead of flowering they had some sort of babay plant on the stalk and now it grew plenty of...
  3. striker

    My fish ate a house fly.

    Well on Sunday morning I was done eating my breakfast and it was now time to feed my fish. I noticed that one of my white skirt tetra's had a huge nasty house fly in his mouth. I was worried that my whole tank would get some bad bacteria of the fly but decided to see what he was going to do with...
  4. striker

    Weco Instant DeChlor

    I purchased Weco instant DeChlor water conditioner today at my lps. Has anybody used it in their aquariums. Their seems to be very little info on this chlorine remover. I'm going to test it tomorrow in the night but I want to make sure if it is good. Also if I accidentally add one more drop than...
  5. striker

    Got my first 10 gallon tropical tank. Need Help for lighting.

    Well on 3/22/2010 I found a fish tank (10 gallons) and i brought it home. I gave it a good scrubbing to clean it because it had scum and dirt and dead dried goldfish in it. (Felt bad about them ). It came with a Radiant water heater and a aqua clear old mini. I went to go buy some fish and i...

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