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  1. Jyeung

    Opinion On My Bettas Diet Plan

    What’s going on everyone! I’m reaching out to get an opinion on my betta and his tank mates diet plan. For awhile now my betta, ember tetras and guppies have been eating omega one flakes (mostly pinched and crunched to tiny pieces for the embers and guppies mainly) and omega one pellets for the...
  2. Jyeung

    Why Did My Betta Become Darker?

    Betta at first by Jyeung posted Sep 2, 2019 at 3:20 PM Same betta by Jyeung posted Sep 2, 2019 at 3:20 PM as the title questions. I’m curious to why/how he became like this. His behavior is very calm and he’s very active. Flares at mirror as normal and eats normally as well. Doesn’t chase or...
  3. Jyeung

    Transferring To A New Filter

    Hey guys, need some help transferring from my old tetra whisper filter for a 10gallon to a marineland 100 bio. I removed the carbon from the filter bag in the tetra and reused that with the black coarse filter into the marineland 100 so that way the water intake would hit the filter bag and then...
  4. Jyeung

    Filter Unit Replacement

    I’m looking to get a new filter for my current 10g tank. Currently my biggest concern is the tank is already established and I don’t want to lose the good bacteria from the old filter. How should I go about this? And what is the best filter I should get for a 10gallon betta/shrimp/guppy tank?
  5. Jyeung

    Does Anyone Know A Reliable Source To Buy Betta's Online?

    Hello everyone! I am currently stuck on searching for Betta fish sellers online. Totally new to online shopping but had realized buying Betta fish from bix bog retailers (Walmart, PetCo, PetSmart etc.) is not the best idea personal experience. Can anyone recommend any? Also how can I find an...
  6. Jyeung

    Question What Caused My Betta To Die?

    Hey everyone, I’m pretty new to fish keeping. I did my research before setting up my second fish tank after the first one failed many years ago. My current fish tank has been running for a month now and this morning I found my DT Betta face down at the bottom of the tank with shrimp eating it’s...

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