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  1. Sanchez209

    Tiny White Worms

    though they wer scratches looked closer and saw they were moving what should I do?
  2. Sanchez209

    My Cichlids Laid Eggs Any Tips?

    my convict cichlids laid eggs either today or yesterday and I was just woundering if I should change anything or go buy anything to help keep them alive because I do have other cichlids in the tank as well
  3. Sanchez209

    Look At This Color

    changed my fishes diet and look at the color difference convict cichlid
  4. Sanchez209

    How Bright Can A Light Be

    i bought a new light yesterday woundering if it's to bright
  5. Sanchez209

    Any Moving Tips

    got a 55 gallon bow front tank with stand about 11 fish how should I move them to my new house about 8 miles away any tips or tricks ?
  6. Sanchez209

    White Spot On Texas Cichlids Head

    any one know what this spot means ?
  7. Sanchez209

    Red Texas Only Eats Bottom Feeder Pellets

    my red Texas cichlid is really shy and only eats bottom feeder pellets is that a bad diet for him or is it fine?
  8. Sanchez209

    Are Crickets Good To Feed Cichlids?

    i was woundering what are some good live foods for my oscar ,Texas ,and convict cichlids I heard crickets aren't very nutritious so I was woundering if there's something I can feed them or is there a better live food to feed them
  9. Sanchez209

    Red Texas Won't Eat

    i got a 6in red Texas about 3 days ago all he does is hide and hasn't came out to eat once yet any tips?
  10. Sanchez209

    Ammonia But Burn Any Help ?

    on my way to the store any suggestions on something to help with ammonia burn ?
  11. Sanchez209

    Red Texas Cichlid Stuck

    my new red Texas cichlid keeps going in this lil blue thing and gets stuck I help him out then he goes right back in there any reasons why?
  12. Sanchez209

    Any Tips 55 Gal

    i know my waters cloudy I did a 80% water change then found out I need to let it cycle I feel like it's getting toxic it's only Ben 3 days sense water change any tips on what I should change with my tank ?
  13. Sanchez209

    Can Convict And Oscars Be Tank Mates

    I have 8 convicts 2 Texas cichlids woundering if I bring a lil 2 in oscar would they kill it ?

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