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  1. aquatickeeper

    Bleaching Aquarium

    I'm thinking of bleaching (sterilizing) my 5 and 10 gallon tanks. How much bleach and water should I add to both tanks? And how long should the baths be?
  2. aquatickeeper

    10 Gallon Stocking?

    Peppered cories get to near 3" and need to be kept in schools. They shouldn't be kept in a 10 gallon. Same goes with the DG.
  3. aquatickeeper

    Neon Tetra Disease?

    Thanks for the reply! I'm in the process of filling up a hospital tank. It doesn't seem to want to eat.
  4. aquatickeeper

    Neon Tetra Disease?

    Should I euthanize it?
  5. aquatickeeper

    Neon Tetra Disease?

    I have a danio with a tail that is drooping and some sort of wound that formed on its side about a few days ago. Could it be neon tetra disease? Should I euthanize it? It seems that it has some trouble swimming. Picture below.
  6. aquatickeeper

    (facepalm) 6 Female Bettas In A 3 Gallon Tank

    It's a really bad idea. I'd only put in one in a 3 gallon.
  7. aquatickeeper

    Bottom Dwelling Fish

    Bolivian rams are actually bottom dwellers, and it's why yours are hanging out at the bottom. I've rarely seen them go up to the top of the tank.
  8. aquatickeeper

    Question Stocking A 36 Gallon

    How about: 12 black neon tetras 4 honey gouramis 2 german blue rams (don't get 2 males) Make sure that your tank is at least 3 months since the date when you finished cycling the tank before you add the rams.
  9. aquatickeeper

    Stocking 29 Gallon

    I would up the number of kuhli loaches to 8-10 and do 3-4 honey gouramis. Both cardinal tetras and neon tetras would work, but personally I would go with cardinals because neon tetras are usually pretty sensitive. Plus, I prefer the appearance of the cardinals over the neons.
  10. aquatickeeper

    Bottom Dwelling Fish

    What are the dimensions of the tank? As long as the gravel isn't sharp, it should be fine for the cories.
  11. aquatickeeper

    20 Gallon Tank Stocking Ideas

    The peppered cories need cooler water than the betta, and they need at least 6 of their own species. 78f is also too warm for the peppered cories. They also need at least a 30" long tank, as they can get up to 3" long. I would rehome the cories. I wouldn't do the neon tetras because they need...
  12. aquatickeeper

    Small Floating Plants At Surface

    You could up the number of albino cories to 8. You could mix them in with regular bronze as they are the same species. For the honey gouramis, 2-3 of them would work, IMO.
  13. aquatickeeper

    20 Gallon Aquarium Stocking

    How about 8 panda cories or 10 salt and peppered cories?
  14. aquatickeeper

    Would You Like To See Adolfoi Corydoras?

    They're cute, beautiful fish! I've always wanted them, but they're just too expensive.
  15. aquatickeeper

    Small Floating Plants At Surface

    What species of cories are you getting?
  16. aquatickeeper

    20 Gallon Tank Stocking Ideas

    I wouldn't do mollies and angelfish in this tank. You do have some stocking issues with your current stock though, if you'd like to discuss it. Personally I'd fix it before adding in anymore fish.
  17. aquatickeeper

    Betta Fish Water Parameters

    If your tank is heavily planted and/or lightly stocked there's nothing wrong with having zero ppm nitrates. If your tank isn't heavily planted or lightly stocked and you have zero nitrates, then there could be something wrong with your cycle.
  18. aquatickeeper

    Would Love Everyone’s Input! Neons And Tank Size.

    I wouldn't keep neon tetras in a 10 gallon. They are active, and I believe that they deserve a bigger tank. Also, Fishlore fish profiles are outdated, BTW.
  19. aquatickeeper

    Mollies Swimming Strangely?

    Looks like he was doing the shimmies. I would get an API GH and KH Test kit if you don't have one.
  20. aquatickeeper

    Lfs Versus Big Box Livestock

    LFS's usually have a more variety of fish, and they're usually healthier than what you can fine at big box stores, such as Petco or Petsmart.

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