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  1. camste

    Bristlenose Bullying Snail

    Oh, maybe something which came with adulthood then? He was completely content with veggies before. And he snacks on the bottom feeder pellets which I feed the corys.
  2. camste

    Bristlenose Bullying Snail

    Why does my bristlenose keep bullying my rabbit snail? It's obviously no threat to him and it's not food. What does he want with it? I've noticed it over the last couple of months. I hear this tapping sound and go to the tank and see that the bristlenose is shoving the snail towards the glass...
  3. camste

    Every Time I Introduce A Fish It Dies!

    If you'd like to clean it a little then just take some tank water into a bucket and swish it around a bit. But unless it's super dirty I wouldn't think too much about it
  4. camste

    Every Time I Introduce A Fish It Dies!

    How did you wash it? In tap water? Or did you take out some tank water to rinse it in? And how thoroughly did you wash it? Squeezing it a lot like a dish washing sponge, or just waving it about a bit in still water? Chlorine in tap water could kill the bacteria, and also cleaning it too...
  5. camste

    Need Advice On Removing Algae

    I used excel to spot treat the blackbeard algae, and it helped quite a lot. I only used half of the excel amount they recommended for my size of tank, and diluted it with 50% water before squirting it onto the algae using a syringe. I was worried about it harming the plants like Elkwater...
  6. camste

    Using Water With Snails To Cycle...?

    If you don't mind having 2 snails instead of 1000000 you could get a couple of assassin snails. They wiped out the infestation I had in my tank. No need for ripping everything out and starting over.
  7. camste

    Flourish Excel, How Much Should I Dose?

    Thank you. I primarily bought it because I read that it was good for treating algae. I hoped it would boost the plants as well of course, but that wasn't the main reason for using it. The plants were growing well with just ferts. I'll try it for a few weeks at least to see if the algae dies, but...
  8. camste

    Flourish Excel, How Much Should I Dose?

    Thanks Seems from this article that the half life is 12 h, so I interpret that as that it's going to be gone within 24 h no matter how many or few plants you have. The tank's not super heavily planted, but I'd say about 1/4 of the floor of the tank is covered by (easy) plants. Have any of you...
  9. camste

    Flourish Excel, How Much Should I Dose?

    How does the consumption of Flourish Excel actually work? I've just started using it, but I didn't dose as much as is written on the bottle. It says DO NOT OVERDOSE on the bottle, so if it's only the plants consuming it then I don't want to put in more than what they will consume in a day. I...
  10. camste

    Question Fish Plants That Come In Baskets

    I'd remove it right away. Or it can go from 1 to 100 in a fairly short time
  11. camste

    Pollution Theme 3.5 Gallon

    I hadn't heard about this. I had to google it. It's the salvation army which has a project called "the job" in Oslo, where homeless people or other people with problems such as alcoholics, drug addicts etc could come and do some work. The only requirement being that they aren't using while they...
  12. camste

    Bigger Is Not Always Better

    Yes, maintaining my 80g takes longer than the 16g. But I don't feel like it's a lot more "work". I don't really scrub the glass, I just leave that for the nerites. I vaccuum and fill with the python, so there's no buckets. And for filling I have this little hook that goes over the edge of the...
  13. camste

    Slimy Green Algae And Hair Algae

    The slimy stuff is probably cyanobacteria. Smells a bit swampy? It often collects in low flow areas as you are talking about. It's a pain to get rid of. How many hours are your lights on for? It could help to turn down the duration. Many here have had success with performing a blackout for a few...
  14. camste

    Question What Has Happened To My Catfish?

    But are you sure that there's no chlorine in the water? The tap water is in general good in Norway as well. (That's the reason why the bottled water is the most expensive in the world here. Nobody buys it unless they need to bring it with them somewhere.) Many water treatment plants here have UV...
  15. camste

    Plants For Single Betta In 55g Tank Set Up. [advice Needed]

    I've been ordering plants from a shop which uses Tropica as a supplier. I like their marking of the plants which makes it easy to see what you can grow without much high end equipment. See the overview below. I have only bought the easy ones, and they are growing well in fine gravel, with no...
  16. camste

    Can I Make My Tank Nice With White Gravel

    Java moss grew like weeds in my old tank at least, so it easily spread all over the tank floor. This was in gravel. I had to keep trimming it. At one point it was almost two inches thick when I'd been lazy with the trimming for a while.
  17. camste

    What's The Meanest Fish You've Ever Had?

    Dawn tetras. A few years ago I went over to the tank the morning after buying a school, and found a cardinal tetra with half its tail bitten off and all the other fish hiding between the plants. Over the next week all but one of the rest of the fish were hunted down.
  18. camste

    What Could Be Wrong With This One?

    I hope it won't be too violent. I haven't seen it attack anyone, but it's kind of going wild at feeding time. And I noticed now that the rabbit snail has lost his antennas
  19. camste

    What Could Be Wrong With This One?

    Yeah, it was hard to get a proper picture without putting my phone inside the aquarium The spots stay, it's the one below the fin on the back I can see is sticking out a little bit when it turns around. I'll try to find some stress coat, and hope it heals. Thanks for your help.
  20. camste

    What Could Be Wrong With This One?

    I have a harlequin rasbora with two white spots on it. One of them seems slightly raised, but it doesn't look fuzzy. I noticed it on Monday when performing a water change. She doesn't show the symptoms I've read about for ich like rubbing against surfaces in the tank. Also it seems that her...

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