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  1. thisindianguy

    First Family Tank

    Walmart has glass thermometers for aquariums in the pet section which are like less and $4
  2. thisindianguy

    Temperature @ 111. Can't Lower It :(

    You can get the aquarium safe ones in the pet aisle in Walmart, that's where I got mine and it was under $3
  3. thisindianguy

    Hob's And Power Outages

    I have an Aqueon Quietflow 30 and that's one of the main features I like about it, the self priming function ! Also I think the Seachem Tidal is self priming as well! If anything, you can always get a battery back up UPS or surge protector !
  4. thisindianguy

    Marineland 85 Gallon Majesty Ensemble

    I saw that too ! $299 plus extra 30% off with their Memorial Day promotion off any single item, I'm leaving towards getting it! It doesn't come with filtration but it comes with the glass top, led light bar and the stand
  5. thisindianguy

    Gbr With Ich

    1 loach or 3 loaches? Also post a pic of the affected GBR if possible.
  6. thisindianguy

    Gbr Swimming!

    No I haven't added any fish, I did notice some midge fly larvae in my filter cartridge as I was rinsing them in old aquarium water and I had posted about that here on FL. I think that might be the culprit but nonetheless I am going to do a big water change today.
  7. thisindianguy

    Gbr Swimming!

    Since March 5th, 29 Gallon and yes I do. I used tetra safe start I usually use aqua safe and safe start, I've never used prime. Is it okay to switch over right away? Will it affect the fish? I don't have both of them, I used aqua safe and safe start and it's a 29 gallon
  8. thisindianguy

    Gbr Swimming!

    My female GBR has been swimming vertically and the red color around its eyes have faded leaving only like a dot! It was fine until yesterday and this morning when I went to feed it. Other tank mates: 1 DG 1 GR 2GloFish Tetras 2 Guppies 1 Juli Cory 1 Emerald Cory I know the Tetras and corys...
  9. thisindianguy

    Would This Tank Be Overstocked?

    What are the dimensions ? Gallons?
  10. thisindianguy


    I just have to keep an eye on the filter media every time I rinse it during the WWC No I haven't fed any live foods.
  11. thisindianguy


    I read somewhere else it's the larva of the midge insect and are completely harmless and a free delight for the aquarium inhabitants lol
  12. thisindianguy


    Hey everyone! I was just doing my weekly water change and as I was preparing to rinse my filter in the aquarium water, I saw red worm like creatures that were moving....idk if that's BB or some worm disease? Any help would be appreciated ! I'll attach a picture.
  13. thisindianguy

    Your Aquariums

    If it's from Petco then it probably is lol
  14. thisindianguy

    Your Aquariums

    My 29 Gallon.
  15. thisindianguy

    Show off your fish tank!

    My 29G community!
  16. thisindianguy

    29 Gallon Before/after

    Thank you! It's actually a plastic plant ! And yes I switched from fluorescent to led !
  17. thisindianguy

    29 Gallon Before/after

    My 29G when I started it in the beginning of March and until now. Before After
  18. thisindianguy

    Red Mark On Comet Goldfish

    Please provide pictures so we all can try to see the red mark!
  19. thisindianguy

    New To It And Looking To Absorb Information

    The BB from the TSS has most likely died off as there is no source for ammonia (fish) correct if I'm wrong experienced's best to use safe start like 30 minutes prior to adding your fish and it wouldn't hurt to add a little more after adding the fish as it's mainly bacteria.
  20. thisindianguy

    Blue Ram Stocking

    They are so beautiful!

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