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  1. mlash

    Rimless tank- fish that won't jump?

    I've seen my neon tetras jump 8" out of the water. I didn't know what was happening to them until I seen this (they were jumping out). I made a "removable rim" to prevent them from jumping out. I take it off when I'm at the tank and/or for pictures and put it back on when I leave the tank. I...
  2. mlash

    Is There A Recommended Timer For Co2 System ?

    I use a timer from Walmart. It is digital but only cost $15. I don't know a lot about the pH controllers but I don't think you can use a timer with it.
  3. mlash

    Question Do Tetras And Bettas Know Food Is At The Surface?

    They are very aware when you put something (even food) in the tank. When they get hungry they will eat. I usually don't even try to feed my tetras until the next day after acclimation.
  4. mlash

    Co2 Setup

    Yes I have mine hooked to the output of a canister filter. I think you will be able to tell the difference in a week or so, since you moved your diffuser.
  5. mlash

    Co2 Setup

    Back when I used in-tank diffusers I put them just under the HOB intake. I think I got some good results but obviously a reactor is the more efficient way.
  6. mlash

    Air Pump Question.

    That would be a "3 times the turnover rate an hour." I think you should have at least "4 times minimal." I also think the longer the tubing is the harder the pump has to work. Probably should double what you have, to be safe.
  7. mlash

    How To Calc Nitrates In Fert??

    Dosing: 1/16th tsp of KNO3 into 10 gallons will add 5ppm nitrate
  8. mlash

    Air Pump Question.

    What size tank do you have?
  9. mlash

    Congo Tetras Swimming At Surface After Water Change!

    It's obvious that, if you did indeed gas the fish, you did not have enough surface agitation. To prevent it from happening again, do not turn up the gas unless you increase the agitation. On the other hand if you have sufficient agitation then you simply injected too much CO2.
  10. mlash

    Will Snails Transmit Bga Between Tanks?

    I think that the question is whether or not the conditions exist in the new tank that would allow the BGA to thrive! Keep your ammonia under control and do regular water changes.
  11. mlash

    Still Struggling To Cycle

    I think the most important thing I've learned so far is to make very little adjustments and then be patient. I now leave my lights on as long as I want, I feed more often without worry and my fish and plants are happy.
  12. mlash

    Still Struggling To Cycle

    I would give it a couple more weeks. I had a tank do the similar thing and after another 2 weeks the ammonia was completely gone.
  13. mlash

    Help Ammonia In Tap Water

    Sorry, your profile says that you have a 20gal planted tank.
  14. mlash

    Help Ammonia In Tap Water

    You could just use bottled water. Two 5 gallon water bottles ($5) at a water machine!
  15. mlash

    Help Bent Zebra Danio

    I had a neon tetra that was bent. The fish did last about 4 months but just got worse and worse until he couldn't swim anymore. I don't know if yours has the same thing but it looks similar.
  16. mlash

    Flourish Excel Vs. Yeast Co2 Questions

    Of course some will tell you that Excell is not co2. It is only a disinfectant and therefore good as an algaecide. But I have seen some results when I was using it. 1. You could use both, it wouldn't hurt. I used excell and co2 for a while until I decided I was just wasting money on the excell...
  17. mlash

    Gyre/powerhead Problem

    You might have the powerheads too low in the tank. Maybe raise them a little higher until you get the right combination. I have all my flow at the top of the tank and the flow bleeds down to the bottom. All plants still have a gentle movement and the fish don't seem to mind the flow at all. I...
  18. mlash

    Beginner Mistakes

    My biggest mistake is Overreacting. The first sign of trouble we tend to start trying to correct it immediately. We get into a frenzy and start trying multiple ways to resolve a problem that we don't understand. I've learned to first Identify exactly what the problem is, research research...
  19. mlash

    Question How To Properly Leak Test A Resealed Tank?

    I know the 4 corners obviously would need to be supported but I think a center brace would also be a good idea. And yes I would make sure everything is level as well. funny, back in my younger days I had a 120 and a 200 gallon tank and I just through them up on any old thing and didn't give it a...
  20. mlash

    Help Is The Fluval 3.0 A Good Light For Plants Like It Says?

    How deep is your tank? The Fluval aquasky 2.0 is $50 cheaper and imo is sufficient for the plants that you have. I also have an Aquaeon optibright plus that does a great job if you have a shallow tank (it's $50 cheaper also). I had the Aquasky on my 20gal long but it was too bright for the...

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