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  1. AvalancheDave

    Ammo Lock And Api Tests

    You said Prime converts ammonia to ammonium. Period. Imine synthesis | BrainyResort
  2. AvalancheDave

    Ammo Lock And Api Tests

    No, amino acids, amines, and related chemicals are detected as ammonium by the ammonia salicylate method. See Ngo 1982, Jüttner 1999. It is definitely a false positive and a very high one at that: Ammo Lock And Increased Ammonia Level? On their support forum Seachem explicitly states Prime...
  3. AvalancheDave

    Ammo Lock And Api Tests

    That's what people say but there's nothing to confirm that. Ammo-lock is amine-based and it's known that amino acids can cause false positives with salicylate based ammonia tests. The test will detect ammonia, ammonium, and amino acids sometimes giving off the scale results. Graphic stolen...
  4. AvalancheDave

    Help Uv Sterilizer

    Did you try replacing the bulb? They lose effectiveness over time even if they don't burn out. Repeated shutdowns and startups also shorten the bulb lifespan.
  5. AvalancheDave

    Fenbendazole-soaked Pellets For Deworming
  6. AvalancheDave

    Fenbendazole-soaked Pellets For Deworming

    Gel food like Mazuri or Repashy or DIY. No chance of the drug being washed out.
  7. AvalancheDave

    Help I Think My Betta Is Dying. What Do I Do Next?

    They can be pretty effective if the bubbles are fine and the water isn't too shallow. I have a dissolved oxygen meter so I'm able to observe these things.
  8. AvalancheDave

    Help I Think My Betta Is Dying. What Do I Do Next?

    Well, I last made the drive not too long ago (end of April, I think). I think the hospital tank is better. I don't think kanamycin sulfate will reduce oxygen levels that much. Add an airstone to the lowest part of the tank. The correct dosage for 5.5 gallons is 3,300 mg of Kanaplex.
  9. AvalancheDave

    High Ammonia, Low Ph, Bacteria Bloom

    You probably have soft water. If your pH gets too low, nitrification slows to a crawl. Lower yet and fish may die. Ammo-lock will give false positive ammonia levels because it's amine-based. There's no actual evidence it makes ammonia unusable by nitrifying bacteria.
  10. AvalancheDave

    Help I Think My Betta Is Dying. What Do I Do Next?

    I think it's because everyone on insists on using clove oil without ethanol as an emulsifier. Literally trying to mix oil and water.
  11. AvalancheDave

    Help I Think My Betta Is Dying. What Do I Do Next?

    The dosage in veterinary textbooks is 50-100 mg/L and Kanaplex is only 31.7% pure so 50 mg in 10 gal is around 6 grams. That's one whole 5 g tube plus 1/5 of a second one. The recommended dosage from Seachem is much lower and can sometimes work but often does not. Bath treatments are extremely...
  12. AvalancheDave

    Help I Think My Betta Is Dying. What Do I Do Next?

    Vet 37 min away from Tacoma that sees fish: Fish Veterinary Medicine
  13. AvalancheDave

    Rinsing Biomedia In Tap Water

    The "gunk" isn't a good thing. It's feeding an overpopulation of opportunistic pathogens. It lowers dissolved oxygen and increases dissolved organics. All of these things contribute to disease.
  14. AvalancheDave

    Help Three Tanks Affected, Swollen Head

    The nitrofurazones aren't absorbed from water so they really should only be used for external infections. There are fish vets in CA depending on what part you live in.
  15. AvalancheDave

    Is Remineralization Necessary?

    Yes, I used RO/DI for the first few decade or so and it was just way more trouble than it was worth for freshwater. Carbon isn't that great at removing chloramine so I had to buy a lot of specialized chloramine removing carbon. Then I had to buy even more because I had a dual membrane and...
  16. AvalancheDave

    Rinsing Biomedia In Tap Water

    Nitrifying bacteria have been found living happily in drinking water distribution systems with 8 mg/L chloramine. Their tolerance of chlorine is lower but not insignificant. It's a non-issue for me because foam is my mechanical filter only. I need high pressure from my garden hose to blast it...
  17. AvalancheDave

    Septicemia Or Something Else

    If you want to try an antibiotic, erythromycin should be your last choice. It's not absorbed from water and it's really only effective on Gram positive bacteria which is very rarely responsible for infections in fish.
  18. AvalancheDave

    Unusual Betta Dropsy?

    See a vet or increase the dosage of Kanaplex. The recommended dosage is 17 times lower than what's recommended by vets. Metronidazole only affects anaerobic bacteria and you're very unlikely to encounter an anaerobic bacterial infection in fish. Dropsy caused by bacteria is often Aeromonas...
  19. AvalancheDave

    Help Kanaplex Dosing?

    Kanamycin is only popular because a study found that it was one of few antibiotics that could be absorbed from the water. There are safer, more effective antibiotics that just haven't been studied to determine if they can be absorbed from water. Actually, some have but the information hasn't...
  20. AvalancheDave

    Are There Any Air Stones With Super, Duper Tiny Bubbles? is a scientific paper? Here is the article, folks, Properly Aerating Your Aquarium | Oxygen is actually far less soluble in water than CO2 and solubility in water has little to do with the size of molecules but the fact that CO2 is polar while oxygen is...

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