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    Angelfish not growing

    Hi all, last year I got 6 small platinum angels, I lost four over the year, one only had one eye and I don't think the guy I brought them off bred from the best stock. The two I have left are doing fine and are bright and alert. One is fairly big I'd say the body is about 2 1/2 inches but his...
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    Poorly betta

    Hi all, I rescued a red male who'd had about 80% fin damage from the lfs about 12 weeks ago. He has been doing really well and had regrown 90% of his fins back and looks stunning. About 2 weeks ago he started going off his food and was a little lathergic. Itried some different foods and some...
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    Old filter new tank

    Hi all, I have just set up my new betta tank. I used water from my community tank and also put an old piece of filter media in the tank. How long should I leave it in? Tanks
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    Betta female advice

    Hi all, Bettas were the fish that I was fasinated with when I was a kid and finally I'm getting one. I'm hoping to get a male betta in the next couple of weeks and gave been doing my research on them. Whilst doing this I have seen some really pretty females and was wondering if I could put them...
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    Help sudden high ph

    Hope someone can help, I noticed last night that one of my new angel fish had a clear/whiteish poo about 2 inches long and within about 5 mins the others had the same thing but less than a 1/4 of an inch. I have got some medication that I am going to use. I also tested my parameters they were...
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    How many corries

    I am going to get some julli corys today and just wanted some advice on how many to get 4 or 6, didnt want to go above my bioload. Am I right in beliving that they grow to about 2 inches? Do they have a heavy bioload? Thanks Paul
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    My gouramis

    Hi all, Here are pics of my gourmai's, I haven't seen the female eat and ive had her three weeks. She dosen't show any intrest in any food I've tried, she is very shy and dosen't come above the bottom six inchesw of the tank. does she look ok?
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    my new angels

    Hi all Just thiought I'd share pics of my new angels. They've settled in really well feeding and I'm really pleased with them, hope you like them
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    Plants sprouting roots from everywhere

    My tank has been running for about a month now. I got a package of plants from a online shop, most have done really well and some didn't make it. If anyone could answer the filling questions that would be great. Some of the smaller foreground plants have some brown leaves, should I cut them...
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    Black ghost knife

    Hi I have just seen a BGK and they are so cool. What I really wanted was to know some more about them. Would they get on with my fish? How big do they get? Would they be ok in my 55 gal? Tried looking on google but m on my phone and thought I'd get better info here. Thanks Paul
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    Time differences

    Hi there Using fishlore over the last month has really helped, teaching me things I never knew and the whole atmosphere is friendly and helpful. The only tiny critisisim I have is that I am from the UK and a majority of the expertise and subscribers are from the US and because of the time...
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    Advice for stressed guppy

    Hi everyone, I had 4 guppies and unfortunatly last week I found one dead in the filter. He was a bit smaller than the others and from what people have said on here he was bullied by the three other guppies. My problem is now one of the three remaning guppies has lost a bit of colour and his...
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    How do I make garlic juice?

    Hi all, I have been advised by fishlorians that I should give my fish garlic juice. I haven't been able to get any from my LFS so I have brought some freashwater garlic, garlic granuals and some garlic purée. Could someone please advise me on how to make garlic juice out of any of the above...
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    Unexplained death

    Hey all, hope someone can help on Friday morning I came downstairs to find one of my guppies laying on the gravel against the glass at the front of the tank. He moved after a while but only to rest on the bottom again, I also noticed a Nick out of his tail. When he moved the other guppies...
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    Corncerned for my female gourami

    Hi all I got a pair of gouramis on Sunday, they settled in well and ate when I feed everybody else on Monday, she had also been picking at plants and the driftwood, but she didn't eat today. He is swimming round happy as Larry but she has been sat on the bottom for about two hours, IMHO...
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    Questions about the iridovirus

    Hi all, yesterday I got a male and female DG and scince getting them I have read about the iridovirus. They have settled in really well, the female has found her own little hiding spot which I can see into. She petty much stays in there and the male has a safe place but goes on more excursions...
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    Concern for my new guppies

    Hi all, I hope someone can help I have just got four new yellow guppies and am concerned at that behavior. They are my first fish in. Once I acclimatised them they swam to the bottom and hid behind some plants and driftwood, after about twenty mins they came to the top just under the surface...
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    How many fish once it's cycled?

    Hi all, Just wanted to know how many fish to add once my tank has cycled, it's 55gal. I want community tank with tetras, corys, gbr's, guppies and platys. Does it mattter which I introduce first? Is it ok to add different species at the same time? Thanks
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    First attempt at 'aquascaping'

    Finally got my new tank setup with the help of my girlfriend, she did all the planting and arranging of the driftwood i did the lifting. Considering she didnt really want the tank and said it was too big i knew the ocd side of her would love aquascaping. I wasnt allowed to talk to her for...
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    Can my tank handle 2 angels?

    Hi all I am in the process of setting up my 55gal tank which measures 100L x 40W x 50H cm. Is this tall enough for two angels? Many thanks

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