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  1. dvc_r

    is this good news or bad???

    I'm not even sure if I'm in the right subject forum... I just finished cleaning out my Rena XP3 canister filter. After cleaning each basket and all the media in them, I poured out all the water from the canister down the sink. Since I have a heavily planted tank, lots of "stuff" came out...
  2. dvc_r

    If you don't inject or dye, is it OK?

    Glofish were a hot topic a few years ago. Now what do you think?:;ghost
  3. dvc_r

    What's happening to my Discus!

    This Thread may not go very far but I have to tell you what happened yesterday: It started early in the morning I noticed my bubble counter on my CO2 was very slow, so before I went to work I adjusted it to the proper flow. BIG MISTAKE!!!!! I came home at around 2:00pm for a lunch...
  4. dvc_r

    New video

    hi everyone, I just got a new phone and my son bought my wife a computer for christmas so I'm trying to figure out how to use both of them. I tried to take some videos with my phone and upload them to youtube. Everyone is welcome to go to my profile and see some recent videos of some of...
  5. dvc_r

    How do I love thee, let me count the ...temp?

    What a long night I had! Down here in "Sunny" Florida the temp dropped down to 28°F last night! At around 10 pm we heard a loud POP! A transformer in our back yard blew and we lost power most the night! They ended up having to dig out and replace the entire transformer! The homes here are...
  6. dvc_r

    Error when testing for nitrates

    I'm going away for a few days so I am doing water changes before I leave. I used a new API test kit and found my readings were not too bad. For some reason I decided to test them again using my old, almost empty bottles. The results were about 10 ppm difference! Before everyone tells...
  7. dvc_r

    Bleach dips to kill snails.

    When your in the hobby long enough you are bound to get a snail outbreak. A few months back I had a rough time getting the snails out of one of my tanks from a plant I purchased at the LFS. I did all the suggestions including buying a few yo-yo loaches but nothing helped. The snails and egg...
  8. dvc_r

    Would you...

    I want to know if I'm crazy or would you do the same thing? I was at my LFS and overheard a conversation two shoppers and an employee were having about Discus Fish. Since the employee knows I have some he introduced me to one of them and after talking to this total stranger, he invited me to...
  9. dvc_r

    Too much Flaring?

    We have someone in our fish club that purchase and breed bettas direct from Thailand. My wife just bought two the other night so I had to run around trying to set up a suitable home for them. I had an 8 gal tank that I split and pulled out some substrate, deco and filter that I had tucked away...
  10. dvc_r

    Tropical Fish Auction

    If anyone is in the Tampa Bay area you NEED to know about the HUGE auction that Tampa Bay Aquarium Society sponsors! A whole day of great deals! TBAS ANNUAL TROPICAL FISH AUCTION October 24th, 2009 Date: 10/24/09 Time: Noon - 6:00 PM Doors Open at 9:00 AM SEE AUCTION FLYER in PDF...
  11. dvc_r

    I'm still here

    Hi everyone: I just want to let everyone know I changed my avitar. I finally got a half way decent picture of one of my Discus (of course one of my favorites). Hope you all have a great Labor Day weekend. -and for those who are outside the US... ...pretend, and have fun anyway!
  12. dvc_r

    to puff or not to puff

    My beautiful 30 gal hex (the one i had in the Aug aquarium of the month contest) is loaded with snails! About three months ago I was getting a few here and there, but I would pick them out by hand. But then I was pulling out about 20 a day so I bought two yo-yo loaches. They are not doing...
  13. dvc_r

    I lost all my babies today! :(

    I need to cry on someones shoulder right now...I can't believe what I did! I've had 28 guppy fry in a separate tank for about a month now. I was using a cheap "bubble filter" with some floss and carbon. But because the tank wasn't cycled, I pulled the filter media out of one of my tanks and...
  14. dvc_r

    Marineland's Emperor vs Penguin

    I would like to change out my original Topfin HOB filters with one with a biowheel. Can anyone tell me the difference between the Emperor and the Penguin (besides the spraybar)? Dr Foster & Smith have them on sale so now would be a nice time to make my decision. The difference in price is...
  15. dvc_r

    Double the output of RO unit

    I was recently at a LFS purchasing an RO filter (1 micron sediment filter). After explaining my coralife 3 stage 50 gal per day setup, he told me I could double the output by running an extra RO filter along side the existing one. I thought the sediment and carbon filters are different sizes...
  16. dvc_r

    Never complain about cleaning gravel again!

    My wife took me to the Florida Aquarium for "our" anniversary/memorial day. Here is a picture of a poor guy cleaning the fish tank!!! I guess I'll start vacuuming my five tanks today (with a smile on my face).
  17. dvc_r

    Cycle your tank in only 24 hours!

    I just got the new Doctors Foster and Smith catalog. Front page: "How to cycle your aquarium in 24 hours". Dr Tim's One and Only claims once the water has been dechlorinated, the temp is stable and the filter is working, you can add one "medium-sized" fish per gal! WOW is this a miracle or a...
  18. dvc_r

    Question Moving fish from one tank to another

    I have five tanks and I'm trying to get the perfect blend of community fish. If the tanks are well established, from the same water supply and about the same water parameters, can I move a fish from one tank to another without acclimating them? Can I catch a fish in a small container (I use a...
  19. dvc_r

    Help Emergency... HELP!

    My Guppies in my 20 gal tank were acting funny last night and woke up today to find a few died. After checking my water parameters: ammonia=.25, Nitite=0, Nitrate=10 PH=4.6 and Phosphate=10!!!! Obviously my ph crashed again. This has happened once before. I think it's a combination of...
  20. dvc_r

    Fish Names

    Pamphilos posted an update of his goldfish MI and YU. I thought that was a great idea to post your fish names. My wife names all my fish: Marlboro Reds are called Blaze, Flame and Starburst. Bettas are Mushu, Ginsu, Mr. Miagi, Kon and Leeshang. Clown Loaches are Crustie, Bozo and Bingo...

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