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  1. toeknee

    Harlequin Rasboras Schooling

    My Rasboras always seem to be more rambunctious and school more tightly after a water change. Also I was bored so here's a little video of them.
  2. toeknee

    One year old tank, all algae defeated except one.....

    Thanks! I'll be happy with it once I can get a good carpet going. That's Lester, he's pretty much the boss of the tank.
  3. toeknee

    One year old tank, all algae defeated except one.....

    I'll start by upping Excel to daily dosing to see if that helps out. I just did an excel spot treatment this afternoon and went through and cut out most infected leaves, which I've done before but it still comes back. I do a %50-%60 water change weekly. My Dwarf Sag all have healthy root systems...
  4. toeknee

    Keyhole Cichlids Tankmates?

    I currently have 7 Keyholes in my 55 with a Bolivian Ram among other schooling fish. The Keyholes get a long fine with my Bolivian. Well....they tolerate each other is more like it. Both the Keyholes and Bolivian Ram will "bluff" charge at each other like an elephant, then stop and retreat...
  5. toeknee

    55 gal stocking. Want opinions.

    Mine roam all over the tank. When they're in "relax" mode they tend to be on the bottom half of the tank among the plants. When they're in a more active and feisty mood they zip all over the top half of the tank. Be aware however that if you wind up with a breeding pair like I have the...
  6. toeknee

    55 gal stocking. Want opinions.

    If you don't go the Pearl Gourami route I'm pretty biased towards Keyhole Cichlids. They get about the same size as Pearl's. Maybe a bit smaller. Perfect medium sized fish for a 55 IMO. Very peaceful, fun to watch, and do well in small groups since they're social charachters. You could do 5 in...
  7. toeknee

    55 gal stocking. Want opinions.

    If you prefer to do many smaller schools it's your tank and you can most definitely do the mixture of tetras you've mentioned however I would limit it to 3 of those four species mentioned for 24 total Tetras. I used to keep groups of small schools instead of one large group. Now I much prefer...
  8. toeknee

    One year old tank, all algae defeated except one.....

    Hello all. My 55 gallon heavily planted tank is now a little over a year old. I've managed to defeat all of my algae issues over the year besides one. I am still getting BBA on my foreground plants. S.Repens, Dwarf Sag and Crypt Parva all keep getting BBA. It's only my plants near the substrate...
  9. toeknee

    Water Change Frequency

    50% weekly. Filters get cleaned once every two months.
  10. toeknee

    Hi - new hob problems

    Maybe try continuously pouring water into the filter as it's running to get a flow going.
  11. toeknee

    Let’s Talk Photography!

    We got our first snow last week. Here's a few pics from around here when it was coming down pretty hard. Taken with Nikon D7200, 70-200mm lens. Each pic is at least 3 pics stitched together. The only way I could get the file size small enough to upload here was to first upload to facebook then...
  12. toeknee

    Re-Thinking Plant Heavy Tank

    The more plants the merrier.
  13. toeknee

    Plant Id Help And 1 Year 55 Gallon Tank Anniversary

    ha, interesting. I guess I'll see soon if that's the case. I guess no grief if that's the case, just a buy one get one scenario. I've bought from this seller before several times. Each time they included a few free stems from totally different species than that of my order. Time will tell!
  14. toeknee

    Fixing Glass Scratches Inside Of Tank.

    Hello all. I have a handful of annoying scratches inside my aquarium in the top half....caused by getting sand stuck between my magnetic glass cleaner. Anyways I've found this method online and am wondering if anyone has had luck with it or if you have a better of fixing scratches. How to Fix a...
  15. toeknee

    Fish Frustrations

    I wouldn't move him, I would up your water changes for now to keep things "extra" clean. 40-50% twice weekly. I've dosed with Seachem Stressguard when a betta of mine had fin rot. Dosing that plus extra water changes did the trick. Stressguard binds to open wounds and promotes healing/new fin...
  16. toeknee

    Plant Id Help And 1 Year 55 Gallon Tank Anniversary

    Thanks, it's a never ending work in progress. The wood is actually Manzanita from BloomsandBranches. com. The branches are sold for wedding/interior decorations or something along those lines. Pretty cheap price too as far as driftwood goes. I'm guessing I'll be losing most of the red coloring...
  17. toeknee

    Plant Id Help And 1 Year 55 Gallon Tank Anniversary

    Hello all. I suffer from severe plant collector-itus and keep ordering plants even though I'm running out of room. I just had a couple plants arrive from ebay and I just wanted to double check on what they are. I ordered Rotala Rotundifola which came with a free "mystery plant" of the sellers...
  18. toeknee

    My Common Pleco In 55 Gallon Tank

    I'm just going to echo the sentiments everyone else has already said here. I understand getting attached to fish, looking at them and thinking they're doing just fine. When in reality they are not fine and if you really care about them you would either return or rehome those common plecos...
  19. toeknee

    Heron Took Whole Pond In One Night

    There's a youtube channel called Bamabass. A guy keeps some pet bass in a backyard pond, he had a Heron problem and wound up setting up a few sprinklers that are motion censor activated so every time the Heron came around it triggered the sprinklers and got scared away. Eventually stopped coming...
  20. toeknee

    How Do I Ph Problems

    It really is a straight forward process. If you don't have a water change system like a Python, which many people use inculding myself. I'm assuming you'll be siphoning water from your tank into buckets? If so just siphon out %40-50% of the tank water out once a week. There's no need to prepare...

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