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    Aqua One 620T

    So i found a cheap second hand Aqua One 620T (tall) 130 litre aquarium and stand. I think it would make a good fry and shrimp tank, i know its large but i have around 50 guppy fry at any one time and would like to think they have enough room. Second thought was to get a few more friends for...
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    HELP!! Ran out of ammonia!

    Im not exactly sure how long it will tkae to produce more ammonia. If your really worried you can go and buy ammonia from a shop. Not sure where you may get it in USA but we can get it in the supermarket (Walmart perhaps). I know there are some types you can and cant use (additives) but im...
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    Aeration affecting plants

    Ok so i have just started a new planted 44gal planted tank and is heavily planted with about 25 bunches of assorted plants. I haven't kept fish for a few years and am a bit rusty and have been reading a fair bit of new material about this and that. I recently read something about not...
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    Help Sandstone in freshwater community

    I was wondering if it is bad to put sandstone in a freshwater tank. I have a 44 gal planted tank and recently put some sandstone in it as decor. Not sure if it will mess with the pH too much or not. It is bubbling a little bit like it is reacting with the slightly alkaline water (7.8)...

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