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  1. tom5678

    upside down catfish ill?

    hi, when i looked at my tank this morning i saw that one of my two upside down catfish was in the plants at the back of the tank. i thought that he might be dead so i touched the plant with a pole and then he moved. he went to the big piece of driftwood and got chased away by the other upside...
  2. tom5678

    new 15 gallon tank

    hi i have just set up my 15 gallon tank and i have left it for 2 weeks. i am not sure what fish to put into it though. i was thinking possibly some sort of catfish or pleco and my 2 bolivain rams.... would that be ok?
  3. tom5678

    filling a 15 gallon tank.

    hi, i was wondering what to fill my empty 15 gallon tank with... i was thinking about getting some angel fish but i dont know too much about them, like what size they grow to and what they eat. or a fish that looks really nice but is now suitable for a community tank. does anyone have any...
  4. tom5678

    can i get cichlids for my community tank?

    hi, i was woundering if it would be fine to get any types of cichlid for my 50 gallon community fishtank. at the moment i have platies, swordtails, neons and gouramis. i was looking at the blue ram ones but there were lots of others too. i know that some types of cichlid can grow very large...
  5. tom5678

    new fish!!!

    i got 2 new fish today! they are upside down catfish. i am keeping them in my 50 gallon community tank with 2 gouramis about 7 platies and some neon tetras. also there is my pleco which is quite big now. the fish shop people said that they are good community fish and will go well with my...
  6. tom5678

    help with setting up a new quarantine tank...

    recently my 50 gallon tropical tank got white spot disease i think that it is almost sorted now though. so now i have decided that i will make my 5 gallon tank, which currently has shrimps in it, into a small quarenteen tank for my new fish and plants. i will move the shrimps into a 15...
  7. tom5678

    white spot!!

    most of my new fish in my new 50 gallon tropical tank got white spot yesterday!! will they all die? and can i stop it some how?
  8. tom5678

    water changes...

    how often should i do a water change on my 50 gallon tropical tank? and how much water do you change each time?
  9. tom5678


    are barbs a good choice for a 50 gallon community tank containing 12 neons a platy and 2 gouramis?
  10. tom5678

    I got new fish!

    i got some new fish today!!! so now the tank does not look so empty. =] i got 8 neon tetras (to go with the two i already have). And 2 gouramis (one sparkling and another one that i dont know).
  11. tom5678

    keeping piranhas

    Hi, i have a few questions about piranhas. can you keep piranhas in a fish tank at home? what do they eat? are they easy to keep? and what sort of tank would they need? any info would be great!! ****
  12. tom5678

    What kind of shrimp is this?

    what type of shrimp is this? i got six of them but didnt know what they were =[ also why is the tank all green?
  13. tom5678

    help!!! pictures!!!

    how do i put pictures on this? like in threads and in my profile. also how do i get them things under my writing??
  14. tom5678

    breeding cory cats

    i have 5 cory catfish in my 10 gallon fish tank and about a month ago there were some small white things in the tank. i think that they were eggs but i was not sure. i put 2 of the eggs into a breeder cage so that they did not get eaten. but they did not hatch =[. i think that i could have...
  15. tom5678

    is this too many fish for a 50 gallon tank?

    i have just set up a new 50 gallon tropical fish tank about 2 weeks ago. currently i have 5 small platies, 3 neons and a bristle nose catfish in the tank. i will be moving the platies out soon though. if i was to get 10 more neons, 4 gauramis and a small shoal (5 or 6) of other fish would that...
  16. tom5678

    how do you make driftwood ornaments sink??

    about 2 weeks ago now i started putting fish into my new 50 gallon freshwater tank. they all seem to be happy at the moment =]. yesterday i bought some new plants and a sort of driftwood thing as an ornament. but when i put it into the water it floated :'(. i got it to sink by tying two spoons...
  17. tom5678

    what has happened to my shrimps??

    in my 5 gallon tropical fish tank i have got 5 amano shrimp, 6 orange shrimp and 2 red cherry shrimp. when i added the orange shrimp about 2 weeks ago they were all bright orange. But now about half of them are almost grey. what has happened to them? i dont know if they are overcrowded but i...
  18. tom5678

    peaceful fish for a 50 gallon tropical fish tank.

    i have just got a new 50 gallon tropical aquarium and all that i have in it is 2 neon tetras and a bristle nose catfish. they look lost in it. trouble is i dont know what fish are good to go with my other fish. they must be relatively small and peaceful so that they dont eat the neons. any...
  19. tom5678

    50 Gallon Tank what can i put in my new 50 gallon tank?

    hi this is my first time on ;D i have just got a new 50 gallon tropical fish tank. it has got some live plants in it but i need to get more to fill it properly i also have a 15 gallon tank with a bristle nose catfish and 2 neons in. so i am going to put the bristle nose into the...

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