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    Huge Brown Cloud In Tank (complete Loss Of Vision)

    Yeah, I hadn't changed the peat moss in a long time. I'll leave the carbon in until the tannins dissipate.. then remove it to add the meds. Thanks,
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    Huge Brown Cloud In Tank (complete Loss Of Vision)

    I just changed my water and removed my activated carbon to add medicine. I had pete moss bags in the filter to reduce pH over time. Well, I took them out and ringed them out into the filter. Needless to say, when I started the filter again.... ALLLLLLL the pete moss cloud / color / etc...
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    Pleco Health Problem! Help!

    Good morning. @Initiate , he's been having these behaviors since I found him stuck / sucking on the plant mess. As soon as I was able to release him he began with the behaviors. He has moved around a tiny bit on the bottom of the tank the past 12 hours but still strange behaviors. Is it possible...
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    Pleco Health Problem! Help!

    My hornwort plants have become a mangled mess (like... a literal spongy seaweed consistency). I began to take them out and my pleco came with it. It looks as though he got tangled in it. He also had a bunch of it in his mouth (looks like he was trying to suck it). I got him free and see no...
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    Sulfur Water

    Hi! I read previous posts on this but not sure on a clear answer. I'm an experienced fish keeper. I have a 55 and have always traveled to a natural spring about 8 miles away for aquarium water since my well has a high sulfur content. From what I understand, sulfur is toxic to fish. I've heard...
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    Co2 Diy Question

    Hi! I posted this in plants but was unable to get enough information from responses. I'm making the DIY CO2 kit with soda bottle, yeast recipe, etc etc. I have the bottle, recipe, the silicone tubing, and the diffuser. I'm really only missing the check valve and bubble counter, correct? Is...
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    Diy Co2

    I do have a long air stone that is run on moderate speed, and my water fill line is usually dropped enough that it hits the top of the water pretty hard agitating it, probably adding more oxygen. How do you evaluate CO2 bubbles out of the diffuser? Should I be looking at like...1 bubble a...
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    Diy Co2

    I've looked into DIY CO2s and am good to go. My only question is.. do I NEED to have a bubble counter? I have the CO2 container and tubing running into a CO2 diffuser. Will I overdose my fish without a bubble counter? How do I know how much CO2 I'm putting in and if it's too much or not? Thanks,
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    Angelfish Look Ok? Pics...

    New angel has very spiky top fins. This normal? Thanks!
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    Need Some Unique Fresh Fish

    I'm looking to get some unique fish for a freshwater tank. Like... something very out of the ordinary. Something where when someone comes over, they say "**** is that!?"... or "Why do you have THAT?" ....My wife won't let me get Piranhas ...... so now you have an idea of what my mind set is...
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    Aquired Pleco Not Eating

    I acquired a pleco about 2 months ago. He's about 10 inch. long. Person before me said they've had it for about 2 years.. but they didn't tell me about how they cared for it. I've dropped lots of food in for it... waffers, fruits, vegetables... they all go uneaten. I'm pretty sure the previous...
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    Silver Dollar Not Eating... Has It Ever?

    I got a 33 gallon tank with an angelfish, silver dollar, and pleco about a month ago. All is fine... except I have not ONCE seen that silver dollar eat regular fish flakes I put in. The Angelfish is fine and eats away. The Silver Dollar just .... floats around and doesn't even notice the food...
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    Ph Fix - Need Quick Help!

    Yeah I'm actually not sure where they came from. All I know is that the water they were was at 7.0 and mine is 8.2 - 8.4. So, that's a huge jump for them. They've been in 7.0 for over 2 years. I'm surprised they haven't been having issues now that they've been in my water for 1.5 days. I added...
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    Ph Fix - Need Quick Help!

    I've heard of that as well. Unfortunately I don't have the $$ to get an R/O system, and cannot afford to go buy distilled water for each water change. So, I am looking at another solution. Thanks for your suggestion!
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    Ph Fix - Need Quick Help!

    I got a 33 gallon from a friend yesterday with angelfish. I tested their water and my water and there is a large pH difference (There's is 7 and mine is 8.2) I know angelfish need lower pH (high 6 range). So, I slowly acclimated them and put them in the tank. I need to lower it down fairly...
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    What's Wrong With My Platy?

    Sorry, I'll upload a pic soon, but trying to figure out the cause of this issue. My platties tail has shrunken and is very clamped and 'triangular' or straight looking. It's almost like it was getting ready for a speed race (the entire body slims down from the mid section all the way to the...
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    Need Help... Disease Is Spreading?

    55 gallon, all levels good (0, 0, 20). Every other week w/c at 50%. I have 6 tetras, 2 mollies, 3 guppies, and just got about 30 fry. All has been well for months. I have a recurring ich problem with ONE molly. He has been in quarantine since I got him about a month ago. He got ich in...
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    Ick Treatment Question

    Thanks, Duane! Couple questions... I have Tetra Lifeguard Ick treatment. It says to use the tablets every 24 hrs until ick is gone. You said people treat 14 days. Am I supposed to keep tablets going for 14 days? Or just until I don't see ick anymore? Also, my 'outbreak' has ONLY been with...
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    Ick Treatment Question

    I have one black molly that has recurring ick. I've treated this fish 4 times over the past month and a half. I put the fish in quarantine for treatment. Every time I treat the ick with LifeGuard All-In-One for 5 days. The ick disappears. I let the fish sit in quarantine for 7 days and then...
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    Treating Popeye

    That would be good. Yeah I'm not sure what happened exactly. All my fish have been good for months now since I've begun adding prime. Just all of the sudden that fish started acting weird, developed popeye, and then died about 10 minutes after I sent it to quarantine. My guess is the death...

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