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  1. Lyfeoffishing

    Help fill in my tank

    Okay so I've been away for school the past 5 months and I have let my tank go to . I let the wisteria and S. Repens get out of hand/die and next month I will be coming back home and I will be looking to fix this tank and add another tank to my collection also. Anyways I was wondering if...
  2. Lyfeoffishing

    Being chased health for my cardinals?

    Okay so durning feeding time when some pellets reach the bottom my smaller ram gets pretty aggressive and will chase any other fish away from the pellets. He never seems to catch any of them besides the other ram who fights back on occasion. I was curious as to if this will hurt/stress my...
  3. Lyfeoffishing

    Potassium dificency?

    Okay so I have noticed some type of deficiency in my tank but I can't seem to figure it out. Here are some pics of the plants. image I dose lowlight excel EI 3x a week and flourish comp. When I check my parameters I get Nitrates 20ppm Potassium 2ppm Calcium 20-40ppm Ammo 0 Nitrites 0
  4. Lyfeoffishing

    Weird assassin snails.

    Okay so I've recently have purchased Two sets of assassin snails (2 each time). And every time I place them in the tank they both have crawled to the top of the tank and have attached to each other. Idk what this is and if it is normal?
  5. Lyfeoffishing

    What do you feed your kuhlie's?

    Okay I got 6 kuhlies today for my 55 gallon. So far they have been exploring the tank and seem to love my S. Repens carpet I have going. Anyways I am wondering what I should feed these guys. Currently I have: Micro pellets Shrimp pellets Algae waffers (gave a 1/3 tonight and two have found...
  6. Lyfeoffishing

    "She" built a nest

    Okay last night while I was watching my tank I see one of my rams clearing a sand pit. Now this is the one Im not really sure of the gender so I was curious if males or females usually dig the pits? Also both the rams snuggled up in the pit and slept there last night heres the pics. image...
  7. Lyfeoffishing

    Fish exploring more?

    Yesterday I didn't feed mine and they where everywhere. Usually they stick to wisteria and cabomba forest on one side of tank. Has anyone noticed that their fish tend to swim around more on fasting days?
  8. Lyfeoffishing

    2 male GBR's in tank

    Okay so I am starting to believe I have 2 male GBR's instead of a M/F pair. I am trying to figure if I can have 2 males in my tank long term or if ill have to remove one. They hangout together 80% of the time. I witnessed them pecking each other a few days ago but havent seen it since...
  9. Lyfeoffishing

    Sex my rams

    Okay I think I have a M/F pair but want to make sure. Here are the pics image image image image image image The one I believe to be female only shows the reflective scales at certain angles but the other ive never seen.
  10. Lyfeoffishing

    Help Ram Cichlid courting behavior?

    Okay so this morning I watched my tank as the lights dimmed towards full daylight. got full head count on my fish besides my otos (3/4) and I noticed my rams were playing around so I thought. they were doing a somewhat circle around each other pecking at each others mid body. Sometimes they...
  11. Lyfeoffishing

    Cloudy water

    Okay this morning I woke up and feed my tetras/rasboras along with taking a head count. Feed them as normal and left the room to do some chores around the house then came back in and found my tank cloudy (barely can see side to side). I have changed nothing in my tank lately. Tank parameters...
  12. Lyfeoffishing

    Almost bit by the betta bug!!!

    Went to my LFS today to pickup some rasbora hengeli and while looking around I seen these two beautiful bettas! Almost grabbed one for the 55 gallon until I setup a 17-20 gallon tank for one. But decided it wasn't smart and the orange tail one has been there for at least a month. I like this...
  13. Lyfeoffishing

    Plant progression

    Well just wanted to share my progression with some of my plants in the past month. Tank stats 55 gallon 48" ecoxotic E series Flourish excel once a day Flourish comprehensive 3x a week Oscomote root tabs S. Repens carpet image image Some crypts (sorry about the poo WC is tomorrow darn...
  14. Lyfeoffishing

    Water finally back to normal!!!

    Okay it has been two weeks since my apartment building started doing filter maintenance. Today I woke up to see if they would actually be finished and they are!!! I can finally do a water change!!! And plant trimming. Sorry not really a question or anything just a positive rant lol. Tap...
  15. Lyfeoffishing

    Different type of water change.

    Okay so my apartment building is going through a filter cleaning that will take 2 weeks it has been 9 days now and the snail/fish poo is really unsightly. Now all my parameters are fine 0 ammo/nitrites 10 nitrates 7.4 PH. Now what I was thinking is I could siphon my substrate and get most of...
  16. Lyfeoffishing

    Question Deficiency ID please

    Okay I cut my sword to no leaves about a week ago and now it has 4 new leaves that's are slightly brown and not looking to good. Can anyone help me all other plants in tank look great (wisteria, Cabomba, S. Repens, bunch of crypts and flame moss). imagez
  17. Lyfeoffishing

    DIY sump

    Okay so I m thinking about making a sump for my 55 gallon planted tank and I have come up with a design I think should work. It will be a 20L as the sump under the tank. image Comp 1: intake Comp 2: filter pads/sponges/bio rings Comp 3: I don't know what to put here. Comp 4: refugium around...
  18. Lyfeoffishing

    Small black/brown worms

    Okay so I was starting a S. Repens carpet today and I had to use my tweezers to plant the stems into the substrate and while removing the tweezers sometimes I would stir up a worm or two. I would like to know what they are and if I should be worried. He's in the top middle of the pic image...
  19. Lyfeoffishing

    Assassin snail

    Okay so I got a assassin snail this after noon to help with me snail explosion. I only got one as I don't wish to eliminate them just control it. Well after acclimating the assassin for 1hr I dropped him in the tank and he freaks out and closes his trapdoor and doesn't move for an hour or so...
  20. Lyfeoffishing

    Oto scrapped himself on coconut

    Okay so today while watching my tank I seen a Oto swim into my coconut cave and on his way out he scrapped his head/back. I don't know what to do he is swimming around the tank fine and is still eating algae off my wisteria leaves but should I be worried? Here's some pics. image image image...

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