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  1. ristin

    Is this popeye?

    I put the black moor in the hospital tank for his eye. I thought it was popeye at first, but now I wonder. He has been dosed with Maracyn & Maracyn II. Could this be a tumor? These pics were taken 4 days ago and the eye is even bigger now.
  2. ristin

    Bubble eye goldfish eye is swelling

    One eye on our fish has swelled to twice the size of the other. I noticed today, the skin on top the eye has started split. Any ideas?
  3. ristin

    White cloud after every gravel vac

    I vacumn my 75g tank all most every week. Sometimes I skip a week on purpose, but not to often. Some weeks I take about 50% of the water, other times about 30%, mainly depends on how dirty the gravel is. Within a few hours after vacuming, I have a bacteria bloom causing the water to turn cloudy...
  4. ristin

    Sick Gold fish

    Tiny is a small fantail about 2" inches long, nose to tail fin. He was a really tiny guy when we bought him over a year ago. He's always been healthy, active and a voracious eater. About 2 weeks ago I noticed he was always at the bottom of the tank, sitting on the substrate. His respiration...
  5. ristin

    Tannin staining tank glass

    I boiled my driftwood numerous times until I wasn't getting much brown water. I added the driftwood to my tank and after a week or so the water starts turning brown. I'm running a Fluval 405 with carbon & a Tetra 30-60 with carbon. 50% water changes clear it up, but the upper corners of the tank...
  6. ristin

    Some tips from 1 beginner to another

    Here's a couple things I have learned as a fish beginner, I want to pass on. 1st: If you are at Fishlore and haven't purchased fish or fish stuff yet, you are off to an excellent start. There is so much info here and knowing ahead of time makes purchasing easier and smarter. My fish are...
  7. ristin

    Hospital tank empty, now what?

    As some may know, I recently upgraded from a 20g tank to a 75g tank. I left my cycled 20g up to treat the Professor, a bubble eye that had fin rot. He is healed and now in the big tank with his buddies. The 20g is still up, but fishless. I plan on getting a couple loaches to keep my current...
  8. ristin

    Question Tank cycling with media from cycled tank

    I've just purchased a 75g tank and plan on setting it up this weekend. I will be moving 3 smallish goldfish & a weather loach from the 20g tank they are currently in. The 20g tank has an Aquatech 30-60 and I'm going to use that filter along with a 2nd Aquatech 30-60 until I can afford a quality...
  9. ristin

    Told wife I was getting 40g, bought 75g

    I currently have a 20g tank with an Aquascape 30-60 HOB filter. There are 3 average sized goldfish, 1 weather loach & 1 small pleco. I realize the tank is over stocked so I perform weekly water changes, gravel vacs and closely monitor water quality. My water quality is excellent and the fish are...
  10. ristin

    20 Gallon Tank Bubble Eye has pimples that explode

    OK, maybe that title was a bit dramatic. We were given an established tank with fish. I didn't want them, but was overruled by the wife. However, once they were here, I got really attached to the fish and enjoy having them. We have a Pleco, Weather Loach, 2-Fantails and 2 that I'm not sure...

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