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  1. Blaze

    Aquarium Youtubers?

    I used to watch IFG but I’ve recently stopped since noticing he always gets new fish after swapping the ones he owns every week or so. I mainly watch King Of DIY and KG Along with OFR
  2. Blaze

    African Cichlid Fry

    Since video files can’t be uploaded on this site from my phone I had to post a 12 second video to YouTube just to be able to share it on here Enjoy.
  3. Blaze

    Ich Killed Fish..want To Start Over

    Just buy some super ich cure or some kind of medication that specifically kills ich and dose the whole tank, since you said your tank got wiped out I would just over dose the entire tank and leave it running without filter cartridges/Media for a week and then do a few 50% water changes everyday...
  4. Blaze

    Can Ich Only Be On The Fins At Times?

    Yea he’s cured now haha, he’s definitely a character
  5. Blaze

    Can Ich Only Be On The Fins At Times?

    He’s cleared up a lot, I’d say he’s good now but I’ll buy some more ich medication just in case lol
  6. Blaze

    Can Ich Only Be On The Fins At Times?

    Just want a second opinion, I already begun treating the tank and Oscar for ich just in case.
  7. Blaze

    Can Ich Only Be On The Fins At Times?

    I hope the pictures can help
  8. Blaze

    Can Ich Only Be On The Fins At Times?

    Ok so I just noticed my Oscar has white specks on his pectoral fins but nothing anywhere else on his body, could it be ich? I’ll try getting a clear pic of the fins
  9. Blaze

    Some Shots Of The Hexagonal

    I’m not exactly sure on the gallon size but I’m assuming it’s closer to 35 gallon. Also I got lucky with the lighting usually the tank light is too bright to get a good picture but that day it was a clear day and the sunlight helped dim the camera lol
  10. Blaze

    Some Shots Of The Hexagonal

    The Hexagonal Planted Aquarium
  11. Blaze

    My Tank Is Leaking!

    Have you discovered exactly where the leak is? If not you should drain the tank dry it inside and out, then look for any obvious signs of cracks or loose seals if non are noticed start filling it up slowly and watch for leaks.
  12. Blaze

    Other catfish photos

    The Bullhead
  13. Blaze

    Question What Will Bluegill Fry Eat?

    Bloodworms frozen and flake food would be my first options, I’ve had wild caught baby fish start eating frozen bloodworms right away same with some good flake foods
  14. Blaze

    Can You Rinse Filter Out With Treated Water?

    I don’t usually have time to use old water or to treat the water I’m rinsing media with so I’ve always used tap water to rinse with no problems. What I do is I have a 5gal bucket or two and fill that up with tap water then I shake and scrub the media of all tanks in the same bucket considering...
  15. Blaze

    The African Cichlid Community Tank

    just a few pics.
  16. Blaze

    Getting Rid Of Algae

    Looks like Hair Algae to me. One way I know that could work would be to cut down on the lighting so keep the lights off completely for a few weeks possibly would make the algae die off. Or a Siamese Algae Eater could take care of that.
  17. Blaze

    The Little Crayfish

    Caught him a few weeks back, he didn’t have any claws when I caught him and expected him to be eaten right away lol but he managed to survive.. I’m surprised he hasn’t grown his claws yet though..
  18. Blaze

    Overpopulation Of Snails..

    Any thoughts on using Aquarium Salt to kill the snails off?
  19. Blaze

    Overpopulation Of Snails..

    We have I think it’s called a yo-yo loach but it doesn’t bother with the snails it just eats whatever food we put in there lol Here’s a picture of him
  20. Blaze

    Overpopulation Of Snails..

    Idk but I’ve done some inspections and it’s basically infested with them.. they’ve began eating my live plants putting holes all over them and have nearly eaten the entire Lilly pad that we had growing. Lol I just want them gone before my plants are

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