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    Toronto Willowdale Aquarium Society (meets monthly, except for july/august)

    I just wanted to post a note for anyone in the Greater Toronto Area looking for a fish club. We meet at Earl Haig Secondary School, which is not far from Yonge/Sheppard streets. (Willowdale is the name of a neighborhood within "north york"). We meet the third wednesday of the month, 7:30 pm...
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    my convicts (pics)

    Hi I'm new. Just thought I'd post about my convict Odd Couple. Dad Mom (sorry the aspect ratio appears messed up on this web board but if you click her, it will fix itself when it zooms in) The Family Their first batch of babies is at about 5 weeks now, very active, and...
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    Hi I'm new here too. So I'm a fish bum too? [Nope. Not even a bum yet. Just a noob.] Warren [Toronto,Canada]

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