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  1. platy ben

    8G tank, give me some stocking :)

    I've never kept my cory on sand before, I am aware that they are fine with gravel. The cory is about 4 years old, maybe a little older and as I've said the cory is staying in there, okay? Celestial pearl danios it is. EDIT: I had a perfect opportunity to quickly catch the cory and move him...
  2. platy ben

    8G tank, give me some stocking :)

    The main reason is because of the substrate difference, in the 45G I have black pea gravel which isn't so easy for him to root around in. In the 8G I have sand, which is very easy for him to sift through finding food and he will keep the sand turned over regularly, therefore I won't have any...
  3. platy ben

    8G tank, give me some stocking :)

    Nope, he wouldn't have been in there if I thought he was getting bullied.
  4. platy ben

    8G tank, give me some stocking :)

    I'm talking to both of you as both of your suggestions are more or less the same I would love to get him just one cory friend but I know I would end up with one again once the original goes :/ Hmm, will have to have a look into shrimp, I bred hundreds of red cherries a couple of years back but...
  5. platy ben

    8G tank, give me some stocking :)

    I like the sound of that one Jonathan The shrimp might have to wait until my cory kicks the bucket, which I hope isn't soon, but I do love this suggestion!
  6. platy ben

    8G tank, give me some stocking :)

    Well I'm afraid the cory is staying there, he's old and needs to chill out after being kept with angels and hoplo catfish. Bettas are out of the question, the tank isn't suitable, the flow is too hard and the decor has some rough edges. I like the idea of celestial pearl danios Anymore...
  7. platy ben

    parrot blood

    If the tiger barbs are still in there, I would say 2, they get pretty big and then go with some sort of robust bottom feeder, e.g. a few hoplo catfish
  8. platy ben

    8G tank, give me some stocking :)

    Hello Everyone Just wondering if you could all feed me some ideas on what you would stock an 8G tank with It's been bare bottom since April and it has been home to 20 baby dalmatian platies, today I changed it to a sand bottom, with a little rock cave and 2 plastic Amazon sword plants...
  9. platy ben

    New camera :D

    Thanks everybody I am very well thank you Ken. Sorry I'm not really active on here any more :/ I struggle to find time at the moment!
  10. platy ben

    New camera :D

    Eddie my tortoise
  11. platy ben

    New camera :D

    Hello Fishlore, My brother has moved out and left me with his Nikon D3000 I've never used a 'good' camera before, but anyway, here are some pictures I've taken with it so far (I think the picture uploader broke: hold on) EDIT: Pictures are too big, just resizing.
  12. platy ben

    new mollys good idea?

    Look for the gravid spot, it is present in all female livebearers which are pregnant I don't have any pictures of my girls on ear, but it's the area above the 'bum' of the fish, it goes darker as the pregnancy progresses Google it
  13. platy ben

    55 Gallon Tank Stocking Suggestions

    I agree with Sharkdude
  14. platy ben

    Help Writing A Freshwater Fishkeeping Guide

    I'm not very active on fishlore nowadays, I just lurk. But if FiremouthGuy wants to make a book and maybe publish it, why shouldn't he? If people don't like the idea of it being published, you don't need to help, he has said that him self I'm not going to make a book and I don't think many...
  15. platy ben

    My new Green Phantom Pleco

    Beautiful pleco! Blue phantoms are amazing! My favourite by far
  16. platy ben

    For Sale- Juwel Rio 125 Aquarium+Stand

    Here are the pictures Here are the pictures Any questions, just PM The tank will be completely empty and well cleaned before it is sold
  17. platy ben

    For Sale- Juwel Rio 125 Aquarium+Stand

    Hello everyone! Due to the need for more room for a chest of draws I'm going to have to sell my Juwel aquarium and stand. I have had the tank from new since July 2008 and through the years the tank does have some expected wear and tear, but nothing more than some small scratches. The tank...
  18. platy ben


    Hello Well you and your friend I would say have little chance of succeeding, that stock list is a feast for the alligator gar, wishing you luck is the only input I have on this :/
  19. platy ben

    Question Whats your best subject on FL?

    I would like to think my best areas are, angelfish care+breeding and pond fish care+breeding I love common american cichlids aswel and like a lot of people, have accurate background knowledge on a number of species
  20. platy ben

    If you could have any fish in the world, what would it be?

    I would love some discus Some day

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