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  1. BettagoSplenda

    Betta Fish Tank Heater Help

    You could attach using super glue some of this canvas stuff or simply do a fence around it etc...
  2. BettagoSplenda

    Funny Mystery Snail Fun

    I looked into mystery snail plus betta. Bettae tend to attack snails by flipping them over or eating the snails antenna etc. So certainly no in a 5 gallon and even in a 29 gallon...I am dubious.
  3. BettagoSplenda

    Funny Mystery Snail Fun

    I am tempted to have my mystery snail in my DIY 5 gallon once I move my betta to a future 29 Gallon Long. my DIY 5 gallon is barrel shaped so puuuuurfect for parasnailing.
  4. BettagoSplenda

    Funny Mystery Snail Fun

    WONDERFUL!!! Thanks for sharing this amazing aspect of nature. Well I won't think snails are all slow now...and who knew they can fly.
  5. BettagoSplenda

    New Backdrop For Betta Tank

    You can leave the lights off. This will help him/her to adjust to the sudden new environment.
  6. BettagoSplenda

    Opinion On A Few Betta Things

    Well, I would start with showing how 9 bettae are really a norm. You can write up a serious letter including links on animal keepers on youtube who have entire buildings built for fish. Now convince them that you are not going that way but it could potentially be a future small business for you...
  7. BettagoSplenda

    Is My Betta Bloated?

    First welcome to fishlore @NachoThePikachu ,I agree with @Fish_Noob , fasting a day or two won't hurt. Best way to tell for me is to look at the betta from the top (dorsal) down. There should not be any bulge. If there is a bulge no need to feed. I am glad you are being conscientious of not over...
  8. BettagoSplenda

    Cycling Problems

    I will caution paaaatience. Normally just before the cusp of becoming cycled (to mean the ability of a tank to process 4-5ppm of ammonia to nitrate without any nitrite spikes within either 24 or 12 hours) the tank behaves in a non-linear manner. The drop in ammonia may slow down a bit etc. I...
  9. BettagoSplenda

    Opinion On A Few Betta Things

    You must learn more Jedi mind tricks..."Go to fish store this weekend, we will..."
  10. BettagoSplenda

    How Difficult Is It To Keep Cherry Shrimp?

    @Guanchy Looks like I will continue to be a single Betta kinda of guy. @Dave125g I have pretty soft water out of the tap, 2KH and 1-2GH so I think shrimps are out of the question ;-(
  11. BettagoSplenda

    How Difficult Is It To Keep Cherry Shrimp?

    . How hard is it to keep Red Cherry Shrimps? I plan to add a 29 gallon this Thanksgiving and RCS is one of the few tank mates possible for Bettae...
  12. BettagoSplenda

    My Female Betta. Is She Fat And What’s The White Dot?

    Glad she is Da Queen now. It may be the beginning of ICH, I would monitor daily and start reading ICH treatments...just in case. Keep us updated.
  13. BettagoSplenda

    Bloated Betta

    Well, two Bettae ago, I left my crown tail in the care of my dog sitter. Dog gained weight and according to her she doesn't know what happened to the fish...she said it just disappeared. Now I wrote out that my betta should only be fed one to two pellets a day, once or twice in the morning...
  14. BettagoSplenda

    New Diy 5 Gallon Acrylic Drink Dispenser Nano Tank

    I am doing manual drip acclimatization by putting 2-3ml of tank water into the bag every 5 minutes over the next two hours. Will post pix once Mandarin Rose is in situ.
  15. BettagoSplenda

    New Diy 5 Gallon Acrylic Drink Dispenser Nano Tank

    Thank you for your patience!!! New Betta Splenda has arrived. Following the the tea theme his name is Mandarin Rose (named after Mandarin Rose | Mighty Leaf Tea). He is supposed to be a Super Deta Tail. I splurged but noticed how much more fish stores are charging for Bettae but their habitat in...
  16. Mandarin Rose-Bag-head

    Mandarin Rose-Bag-head

    Mandarin Rose dorsal view
  17. Mandarin Rose-Bag

    Mandarin Rose-Bag

    Mandrin Rose side view
  18. Mandrin Rose-Bag-Acclimatize

    Mandrin Rose-Bag-Acclimatize

    slow manual trip acclimatization
  19. Mandrin Rose (Betta Splenda V)

    Mandrin Rose (Betta Splenda V)

    Life Cycle of Super Delta Tail Betta
  20. BettagoSplenda

    Betta Parasite?

    I doubt its poop since its white and usually poop is not coming out the side of the fish.

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