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  1. octavio

    Is it possible for trace soap residue to ruin a nitrogen cycle?

    I doubt trace soap or detergent is interfering with your tank cycling. Although, the way to clean a tank is with water, then scrubbing with white vinegar, rinsing with water, scrubbing with more vinegar then flushing everything, letting it dry thoroughly and then filling **** substrate and water...
  2. octavio

    Few questions regarding bettas and semi-aggressive fish (not in the same tank)

    It depends upon the personality of your Betta. I have a standard 10 gallon with one of my breeding Bettas. I put 5 Panda Cory catfish (very young ones) in his tank because I didn't have room for them in any of my other tanks. The've been with him for about a year. Soon I'll have to put them in a...
  3. octavio

    Question about algae scrubbing

    I use a large "tuffy" sponge scrubber sold for cleaning non stick cook ware. I thoroughly clean all the interior glass once a week right after cleaning the substrate. Then I siphon off the rest of the water I intend to change (usually 15 or 20%). It takes just a couple of hours for the tank...
  4. octavio

    My bettas

    The crown tail looks like his name is Raphael Sabatini. Good luck.
  5. octavio

    Boil Water Advisory and Water Changes

    That's a hard question to answer adequately. I would caution on the side of excess and say "yes" you'll be safe by boiling gallons of water for water changes. One of the reasons I recommend this is from personal experience. When I first began keeping tropical fish I lived on a farm where the...
  6. octavio

    Betta bloated and sluggish

    This is excellent advice, too. Again, good luck.
  7. octavio

    Pearl weed in a 100 gal

    Pearl weed is one of those carpet plants the requires regular trimming (mowing) to actually form a good carpet. So, you can trim those taller stems can be cut and planted in somewhere else in the tank.
  8. octavio

    Goldfish barely moving please help me ASAP

    One thing not mention was water temp. Both goldfish and danios do best betwee 68 - 74 degrees F. Danios are tough little critters, fancy goldfish not quite as hearty, although they seem to suffer through lots of bad water conditions. From personal experience, my fancy goldfish do especially well...
  9. octavio

    Are any corys suitable for a 10 gallon?

    Pygmy cories do OK in a ten gallon tank. They grow to about 1/2 inch, maybe a little bigger. The important thing for cories is floor space. So, if you've got a 10 gallon long tank that's a little bit better. I currently have five young panda cories in a standard 10 gallon keeping one of my prize...
  10. octavio

    Betta bloated and sluggish

    Get that Betta in his own small tank or gallon bowl. Slowly add 1 tablespoon of dissolved epsom salt. Ad the salt only once. Then do daily partial water changes and hope for the best. Keep the water temp at 80 degrees F. The epsom salt works as a mild laxative helping him clean out his digestive...
  11. octavio

    Prince, our purple elephant eared betta settling in his new 5g with nerite snail

    He certainly looks healthy and very happy. You've put together a great home for the little guy. I wish more folks would understand how much better their Bettas would thrive in similar tanks. Good for you. Good luck.
  12. octavio

    Interested in getting live plants or moss

    Anacharis (elodea) is a great aquarium plant for sucking up ammonia and nitrates.However, it grows so well it can obscure the light in a tank if it's allowed to grow without pruning. Water sprite and valisneria usually do well for most. too. All tree will do well in medium to low light. However...
  13. octavio

    Blue vs white light and water clarity

    The blue light is allowing you to see only mostly the blue spectrum of day light. A white light will allow you to perceive a more broad spectrum of light, thus lending it self to better clarity. Full spectrum lighting is best for the flora and fauna we keep in aquariums. You might consider a...
  14. octavio

    Danio Glofish Problems

    A couple of things. 1. The danios we buy in the LFS are many generations removed from their ancestors who live in the wild. Although generally a hearty species for beginning hobbyists (actually, ALL hobbyists) they are not as hearty as danios captured in the wild. In addition, the majority of...
  15. octavio

    New plants, how much leaf loss to expect

    Regarding the ludwigia: cut the tops off the long stems, leaving enough so you can plant the cuttings individually. Separate the "stumps," separate them and plant them individually, too. Eventually, the stumps will grow new leaves and look rather nice. The cuttings should continue to grow...
  16. octavio

    Help my poor baby Betta fish.

    In addition to everyone's advice, get him a few inches of Anacaris to float in his tiny tank. Any other live plant will probably be too big. But Bettas love hanging in and under Anacharis. It will also help stabilize the little container's water parameters. If possible, get your little guy a...
  17. octavio

    Betta fish normal behaviour?

    Your Betta's behavior is perfectly normal. Good luck.
  18. octavio

    Silk plants for gouramis

    Over feed you fish and leave the lights on for more than8 hours a day. That will prove to your mother that live plants don't cause algae. Good luck with you mother.
  19. octavio

    Can you mix and match Cory catfish?

    Keep the cory you have and buy him some friends about the same size. Buy more of his specific species when you can find them. One can never have too many cory cats. Good luck.
  20. octavio

    What to feed young corydoras

    At less than 1/2 inches they will have some trouble eating blood and tubifex worms. But I recommend you still offer them small portions. After 24 hours remove any left over live or frozen food. But they will work on chewing down a couple of worms and they also enjoy frozen brine shrimp. As for...

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