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    Idk What This Is

    Hey guys, I'm trying to grow coraline algae in my take and I've noticed that I've got a few of these growing on my rock. It doesn't look like aiptasia to me and ,if it ain't, do I still need to get rid of it
  2. J

    Growing On Live Rock During Tank Cycle

    I found the growing on my rock during my tank cycle and Idk what it is and if it'll be an issue
  3. J

    Nitrates Up Before Ammonia And Nitrites In Cycle

    Hey guys, my name is Josh. I am in the process of cycling my aquarium and I've noticed that my ammonia and nitrite levels are not going up but my nitrates are slowly going up. My tank has been cycling for 3 weeks and I should've had ammonia and nitrite spikes by now. I was wondering if I am...

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