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  1. Cat Catherine

    Turquoise Rainbow Fish With Crooked Spine

    I just got this guy today and when I got home I realized the bottom half of his body is crooked. He swims just fine and is active and alert. Do you think he will make it or will he have a shortened life span?
  2. Cat Catherine

    Snails falling off glass

    Hey guys. I have 2 gold Apple snails, one in a 20 and the other in a 29. I've noticed for the last month or so both of them will just release themselves off the glass and fall to the bottom. They do this often and from the top of the tank. I've never seen my nerites do this. Any ideas?
  3. Cat Catherine

    Is this normal for a penguin filter to do

    Penguin 150 I noticed that one of the openings is spitting out water so fast that it's making extremely loud splashing noises. Like to the point where I have to unplug it at night because it's keeping me up. Is this normal? I'm thinking about buying a new filter since it's so aggravating lol...
  4. Cat Catherine

    Beginner C02

    Hey guys, I've been thinking about dosing my tank with c02 but have no idea how to go about doing it and what I need. (I'm planning on getting everything tomorrow since it's my only day off) Does anyone have any helpful links, or recommend any products they've personally used? Thanks
  5. Cat Catherine

    Rubberlip pleco or..?

    So I purchased my Pleco about two or three months ago, but have rarely seen it because he likes to hide. Over the last week he's been super active (sharing an algae wafer with my corys as I type this). He was labeled as a rubberlip pleco, but I've recently noticed these white dots and stripes...
  6. Cat Catherine

    15G column tank

    I have a 15G column tank that I'd like to dust the cob webs off of and setup again (mainly because my mom bought it for me as a Christmas present, and yells at me because it isn't being used lol) Problem is I have no idea what to put in it to make it look good being it is a column tank. What...
  7. Cat Catherine

    Penguin 200 humming, not working

    So last night somewhere after midnight I woke up due to my filter making the noise any filter makes when you FIRST turn it on without any water in it. It was really loud and obnoxious, and I saw that somehow all the water drained from the filter. I scooped some tank water and filled the filter...
  8. Cat Catherine

    What's going on with this plant?

    I've had this plant and two others for about three weeks now. This is the only one that looks like this. I've been using flourish by seachem, and it looks somewhat better. 0 nitrites and ammonia. Nitrates 10ppm ph 7.2 temp is 80
  9. Cat Catherine

    What heater does everyone use?

    I'm going to pick up a new heater for my 29g tomorrow. Looking to get either a 100w or 150w. Aqueon has a variety of heaters at both petco and petsmart, but they have decent reviews. Does anyone have any recommendations?
  10. Cat Catherine

    Top dwelling fish for 29g

    I'm looking for a top dwelling fish that's compatible with my current stock. Something that will stand out (large) and preferably not a schooling fish. I currently have 6 neon tetras 3 corys (will get more when I find a fish I like) 3 platies 1 rubber lip pleco Thanks in advance
  11. Cat Catherine

    Mistreated fish

    Hey guys. There's a customer we see every two weeks who has what looks like a 10 gallon tank. There are about 10 fish in this tank (obviously overcrowded). Maybe 5 cichlids, a Molly, a tetra and some type of shark. In a separate tank labeled "infirmary" which has a betta and two dwarf gouramis...
  12. Cat Catherine


    Hey guys. Today when I woke up I did my usual and said good morning to all my fish before feeding them. I saw my favorite fish, a Honey Gourami named Charlotte, wedged between the aquarium wall and decoration. Needless to say I'm upset about all this. When I netted her out I realized her...
  13. Cat Catherine

    Moving with fish

    Hey guys, I'll finally be moving back into my newly lifted/renovated home very soon which I'm really excited about considering I've been out of it since August. However, I'll be moving 4 aquariums and nearly 20 fish with me. I want to make it stress-free as possible with the drive (only 10...
  14. Cat Catherine

    Algae or ick or..?

    I've been searching all over the Internet for a straight answer but cannot find one. I noticed these somewhat large clear/white dots growing on the side of my 5g betta/adf tank. The tank has been treated for ick and my betta shows no sign of it. However, these little dots insist on staying and...
  15. Cat Catherine

    Sick corys?

    Hi guys, I JUST purchased two seemingly normal emerald corys, brought them home, got them acclimated to my tank and released them. I turned on the lighting and noticed they were hardly green (bad lighting at the pet store). They both have patches of pink all over their body that makes them look...
  16. Cat Catherine

    Has anyone given these pellets a try?

    Hey guys, I've been wanting to switch my betta and tropical fishes to pellet food since I feel like flake isn't enough. (I know about vegetables and fruits) Apparently people rave about the brand Hikari, so I looked and came across these...
  17. Cat Catherine

    On a more serious note

    Sorry about the volume of posts I've been making if anyone has noticed, but this is a more serious one. I've noticed one of my honey gourami has strange discoloration on her tail fin and partially on her analfin. They look like large white circles (not ich). It also looks she's losing color...
  18. Cat Catherine

    Oranda tank advice

    Hey guys. I've had my Oranda for almost a week now, and I absolutely love him even though he's still pretty skittish around me. Anyway, I'm kind of bored with the tank setup and I just feel like he's bored with it too. I read they will tear up any live plants you have and if I put in too many...
  19. Cat Catherine

    New Oranda sitting in bottom of tank

    I purchased an Oranda today and did all the normal procedures before putting him in the tank. He just sits on the bottom occasionally swimming around and scavenging the sand for food, but after awhile he'll go back down. He appears to be healthy and was eagerly swimming around the tank at...
  20. Cat Catherine

    Merry Christmas to me, Platy unexpectedly gives birth?

    I've had two female platies for at least a month now and I noticed one has become increasingly fat. Thought it was just because I've been feeding them somewhat a lot since there is 7 other tank mates. Anyway, as I moving their water from the current tank to a new one I realized tiny white...

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