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    Question Should i euthenize my fish that has a curved spine

    Did the fish come with a curved spine or is that a new development? Some diseases can cause the spine to curve
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    Should I get a 2nd Gourami?

    What size tank is it? Typically with pearls its recommended to do at least 2 females so the male isn't only focused on one female and harrassing
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    New Tank- Musk Turtles

    Do you have a testing kit? You can add more bacteria, but without a testing kit you'll be going at this blind with an uncycled tank. The cloudy water is *probably* harmless (bacterial blooms don't kill fish/other life) but if the bloom is due to the bacteria reacting to ammonia (maybe from...
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    Most common/popular freshwater fish in the hobby?

    I think aq adviser is a biased place to get numbers from. Good to compare to definitely, but even today a lot of people who buy fish still swear by the 1 inch per gallon rule and would never think to check aq advisor.
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    Help New fish with Betta

    Many of the above suggestions won't work in a 10 gallon tank. Maybe salt and pepper (dwarf) cory. the snails would work too, or a couple platies but watch out for breeding. But schooling fish (other than nano fish, but a betta might try to hunt nano fish) don't have enough room in a 10 gallon.
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    Whose eggs? Fish/shrimp/snail

    If they're neo (cherry) shrimp, it looks a lot like a batch of neo shrimp eggs that were dropped
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    Question Back In The Hobby. Expiration Date, Cycling And Planting Questions

    Probably start a new thread to have a more accurate title and get the insight you want. I had a snail colony for a f8 puffer so ill keep an eye out for the thread and try to help if I can
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    Tank is up and running and stocked!

    I know logical is not always fun, but patience is really the best thing you can have in this hobby. Besides the dwarf gourami, there's a few other issues that *could* pop up which is why I say wait and see. Nothing to stress over now, but just watch the angels and pleco. The tank size may make...
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    Help Otocinclus turned to yellow

    I wouldn't add prime before removing old water. If you add it first you will end up removing some with the water you take out. Remove water, add prime for the entire tank volume, add new water
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    Tank is up and running and stocked!

    they'll survive, but you may not see them as they aren't comfortable in small groups. Why not wait to add anymore and see how this current stocking goes? You may need to switch things out along the way, at which point you can add the cories.
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    Tank is up and running and stocked!

    I wouldn't count the previous owners time as how long your tank has been set up for the otos. The reason they need a mature tank is to have plenty of algae and biofilm built up. If you changed out all the decor, wait a few months for those to age so the otos will have plenty of food. They do not...
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    WATER CHANGERS—yea or nay?

    I personally only leave the water running while I'm actually vacuuming. Then you can turn the water off and as long as you don't remove the python from the water, water still flows through. It is much slower this way, but I do it so as to not waste as much water as you pointed out
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    Help Otocinclus turned to yellow

    Yeah you don't want the fish exposed to chlorine at all. Prime does work instantly, but when you add it to the tank water that's already in the tank, there shouldn't be any chlorine in there to "use" the prime. But prime can also be used by other things which is why you add prime for the entire...
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    WATER CHANGERS—yea or nay?

    When I was using tap water with my python the procedure is to dose for the entire volume of the tank and then immediately add the tap water. Prime works instantly. When I did this method I would aim the new water in one corner to allow everyone to escape it, but honestly they would still come...
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    Help Otocinclus turned to yellow

    The red gills could maybe be from the chlorine. Is there a reason you add it after the new water? If you're using a python or something similar you should dose prime for the entire tank volume and then add the fresh water
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    WATER CHANGERS—yea or nay?

    It is quicker with the python typically, but I've not had issues with my kuhli loaches jumping so I can help much there sorry. But your current method of covering part of the tank sounds like a good one
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    WATER CHANGERS—yea or nay?

    With the loaches you want to be careful with the python. There is no little screen at the end of the siphon like many manual siphons. Its just the siphon straight to the hose so if a loach gets in it'll go right to the sink adapter and get stuck there. I have to keep a close eye on my kuhli...
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    WATER CHANGERS—yea or nay?

    I bought my python when I got a 120 gallon. It was a life saver then since there was No way I'd be changing water from that with buckets. Imo it does not vacuum any better or worse than a decent siphon. It's only benefit to me is removing water and adding water without carrying buckets. So...
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    Guppy Breeding Starter Fish

    I don't suspect you'll have any difficulties getting a colony going. Having genetic variety is a great idea, but you should check with each store to see where their guppies are sourced from. A lot of stores get their fish from the same fish farms, so going to different stores does not...
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    Are These Java Loach Or Catfish Eggs?

    They were on gravel which I think played a role in their successful breeding

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