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    help with tiger barbs

    Hi got 6 tiger barbs in a 20 gallon and just wondering if the current in the tank keeps them from being their usual playful self
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    HELP: Need to use bug spray what to do with tanks?

    Hey guys, My mom forgot about something she cooked in the oven for a while and there has been a build up of flies in the house and we need to use bugspray to get rid of them. I read somewhere that if any bugspray were to reach the water in the tank, the fish would die. So what do I do to...
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    Help: Fish ID

    Here are pics of the fish. Sorry its hard to get a good picture they keep swimming away The pics weren't loading so ive just put up the links
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    Question Will evaporated oil settle on the water surface?

    well from awhile ago i thought it was the smoke that caused my water to slimy, so as suggested i put on an air line, but the funny thing is now the tiny bubble that are supposed to burst are just floating on the surface, my tank is near the kitchen and my mom has been doing a lot of cooking...
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    Help smoke in the room

    well my neighbor started burning this big pile of dried leaves while i was out, I left all my windows open and I got home a lot smoke has entered my house. I noticed when I fed the fish that the surface of the water was a bit slimy. Is that the effect of the smoke? and can the smoke enter the...
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    Help with Stocking a 35 Gallon bowfront

    So i have a 35 gallon bowfront, I want it to be a malawi tank but the fish choices in my area are too few. Right now I have 2 Mbambas i think, 1 red zebra and 1 parallel striped mbuna.. are the names correct im not sure.. im only a beginner,, any input would be appreciated

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