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  1. Stellar

    Instagram Worthy Member Pictures

    "Boo!", says the friendly neighborhood ghost shrimp.
  2. Stellar

    Opinions On Glofish?

    I know they market them for how they look under black light, but I use my normal lights. They're colorful and lovely still. I read black light ruins their eyes, plus since my tank is heavily planted, I need my usual lights. I had no idea there were glo fish bettas.
  3. Stellar

    Opinions On Glofish?

    I have 5 with a couple catfish in my heavily planted tank. I have a lighted bubbler strip that makes it seem like a fish race. Might be tacky, but I don't care. (Yes, I have neon and black gravel to boot. ) My kiddo (3 yo) likes to point and tell me the colors. It's pretty cute, I assure...

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