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    Deet's 150g Reef Build...

    Looks gorgeous!
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    Before And After Photo

  3. penguin02

    Ywg Swimming At Top Of Tank

    We turned off both pumps and he went down, but within a minute or two he went back up to the top again. Even with the lights off last night he wouldn’t go down
  4. penguin02

    Ywg Swimming At Top Of Tank

    My YGG has been swimming around the top of the tank for 12 hours now. He ignores food for the most part, which is very unusual for him. It’s almost like he’s trying to gasp at the surface, but no other fish or corals are affected and the parameters are great. We just replaced our broken pump...
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    Question Feeding Fish Fish

    Depends on the species. Some fish can eat live fish. You’ll probably have to be more specific
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    Anyone Have Experience Getting Their Saltwater Aquarium Built By A Pro?

    I’m just saying... my 28g reef is paid for my dad and I take care of it. He’s spent more than $1,000 on it since April 2018, which is only for a 28g with a cheap RO system. I could never afford that on my own unless I got a job, which I won’t have time for until summer, and even then it would be...
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    Help Bamboo Shrimp- Dead?

    This is a really old thread... you probably can’t help the member at this point
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    Just A Heads Up

    I've always been terrified of getting my wisdom teeth removed and acting like a total idiot. I'm mostly concerned that I'll start cursing or something in front of my parents...
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    Keeping New Arrival Quarantine Tank Cycled

    I don’t have to quarantine very often, so the media replacement is pretty easy for me. But the snail thing is better if you don’t want to be patient for new stuff to cycle
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    Question 25g Betta

    I would suggest cories of some kind. He would be less likely to pick on them, and you wouldn’t have to worry about fin nipping
  11. penguin02

    Algae Everywhere!

    You could probably do a bristlenose pleco. Just keep up with water changes. Reducing your lights to 8hr a day will also help with algae issues.
  12. penguin02

    Algae Everywhere!

    Otos really need a bigger school. They are scaredy cats and won’t come out unless they are in numbers. Plecos are big poopers so it depends on the rest of your stock. What is your tank dimension and stock? Also how long do you leave your light on each day?
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    Guppy Spots

    That looks like coloration to me, but I could be wrong. Did the guppy have ich in your main tank? If so, the whole tank could be infected. Part of ich’s life cycle is attaching to your substrate and decorations to reproduce, which can take ~ a month. If he did in fact have ich in the main tank...
  14. penguin02

    Keeping New Arrival Quarantine Tank Cycled

    If you don’t want to use a sponge filter you can just put extra media in your main HOB and move it over to your quarantine HOB whenever your QT is ready for fish. Then just throw out the media after you quarantine and make sure there’s fresh media cycling in your main filter.
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    Mystery Snail Ok?

    Good to hear!
  16. penguin02

    Mystery Snail Ok?

    Sometimes my snails get an air bubble stuck in their shells. Try rolling it around in the water and trying to get a bubble out.
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    Hi Everybody

    Welcome to fishlore!
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    Help Sick Red Fin Tetra?

    Welcome to fishlore! I'm not good at identifying diseases, so I can't really help, but that looks concerning. How is he doing today? Hopefully someone will come along and help you soon
  19. penguin02

    Possible Betta Injury? Need Advice

    Just bumping this for you since nobody saw it. A swim bladder problem seems likely but I can't confirm that
  20. penguin02

    10 Gallon Tank 10 Gallon Stock

    Yes that should work

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