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  1. Dolfan

    Need Some Plant Suggestions

    Yes, Java moss would be a great easy plant to start with. You can try tying it in place with fishing line or thread. Flourish even makes a super glue that is aquarium safe, and you could glue several patches all over the rock to get started.
  2. Dolfan

    Need Some Plant Suggestions

    Here is a link to an article from member article section on getting started with low light / low tech planted tank...
  3. Dolfan

    Could My Substrate Be The Root Of Problems?

    I would work on the nitrates, 40ppm is pretty high. What does your water test at prior to adding to tank? It sounds like you may have nitrates in your tap water. As for substrate, how many inches deep is it? 2 inches is plenty, much more can contribute to pockets of nitrate building up and...
  4. Dolfan

    Question Store Worker Accidentally Gave Me Ghost Shrimp

    Here is a link to an article on getting started with freshwater shrimpkeeping, it should answer most of your questions. Quick synopsis, for ghost shrimp, you don't need to do anything, they will scavenge the tank for left over food, fish waste, detritus, whatever really, they aren't picky...
  5. Dolfan

    Help My Heater Just Broke

    What temperature is it in your house/room where the tank is kept? If the ambient room temperature is kept around the same as the tank, you shouldn't have any worries. May just need to keep in eye on your air conditioner/heater setting for your house.
  6. Dolfan

    Good Light?

    It says "daylight temperature" so it may work. But hard to tell unless you can find a specific kelvin rating. Usually around 6,000-7,500 is generally considered good for aquatic plants. If possible, I would try to go with some LED fixtures as they will save you money in the run. With...
  7. Dolfan

    Co2 Basics

    Here is a link to article I put together in the member articles section about Low Light/Low tech planted tanks. There are few links to other websites that elaborate more on CO2. It should answer most of your questions...
  8. Dolfan

    What Shrimp For A High Ph And High Hardness Water?

    You can keep harlequins with cherry shrimp with minimal issues. They may occasionally go after a smaller shrimp, but generally leave them alone. Here is a link to an article I put together in member article section about getting started with freshwater shrimp...
  9. Dolfan

    Question Java Moss Paraguard Dip

    Paraguard should be pretty safe for plants. I have used before in planted tanks with shrimp and had no issues. Not sure how it would do if you used a higher concentration. As for plant dips, I prefer alum, you can buy it at most Walmarts. Here is a link to some info on popular plant dips. I...
  10. Dolfan

    High Ph, Water Wisteria Melting

    Since anachris and water wisteria are primarily water column feeders I would think it is due to the RO water and no fertilizer/minerals available for the plants. You mayor may not need to remineralize the water, but you would definitely need some ferts. I would start with some liquid Seachem...
  11. Dolfan

    Is Panacur C Shrimp & Snail Safe?

    @brondo agreed, that sounds like a good plan to save some in a separate container. I can't remember where I heard/read about it, but I thought it was risky for snails. If they are common pest type snails like pond, bladder, or MTS, you probably can't kill those if you try, haha.
  12. Dolfan

    Is Panacur C Shrimp & Snail Safe?

    Here is a link to an article on that explains use of Panacur/fenbendazole. I believe it will harm snails but is shrimp safe.
  13. Dolfan

    Growing Plants Above Aquarium

    Wow, that is an amazing tank. Thank you for sharing.
  14. Dolfan

    Plastic Gridloc Tile For Small Aquarium Base

    Hard plastic, with a tiny bit of flex that allows you to snap them together. @Lucy Good to see you too, been busy with work and redoing tanks. Downsizing to just a Fluval Spec 5 at home and a Spec 3 at work. So these plastic "tiles" work great for me to protect the counters and allow...
  15. Dolfan

    Question What Is The Difference Between Shrimp?

    they are all neocardinia shrimp and will interbreed, just different names for different varieties or shades. Bloody Mary will be your reddest on the market right now , in theory at least. Sakura is usually just a little step above common cherries which are pretty pale. In order of what you...
  16. Dolfan

    Question 2 Filters?

    I would highly recommend using an air pump with a sponge filter. This would add additional filtration and some oxygenation of the water if levels were ever low. With 2 Aquaclears running I doubt you would have any oxygen issues, but an air stone/sponge filter never hurt. Also in the event of...
  17. Dolfan

    Plastic Gridloc Tile For Small Aquarium Base

    I came across a product designed for flooring in garages or bathrooms to help with drainage yet be very durable. See link below... I am using them as a base under my new Fluval Spec 3 and 5 tanks I'm setting up. They seem to work well and are very sturdy. I'm connecting 2 of them for the...
  18. Dolfan

    Shrimp Dying?

    He is not dying due to your PH level, don't mess with your PH if at all possible. Unfortunately, ghost shrimp are not well cared for in transport and often have diseases that kill them off. Sometimes they last for a long time other time they last much shorter. That shrimp looks pretty far...
  19. Dolfan

    Shrimp disease information

    Glad to help. I also have put together an article on getting started with freshwater shrimpkeeping it's in the "Members Articles" section at top of page, see link below... Freshwater Shrimp Keeping Also, put together one on easy low light planted tanks... How To Set Up a Low Light , Low Tech...

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