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  1. voiceless_kat

    Moving my angels to larger tank

    Thanks for your reply. I just went for it * used a bucke as you suggested, but put all 3 into it together, and did not use the drip method, but added water from the 55 with a cup. Since parameers were the same, I was mostly concerned about temp, and they were so close to the same. When I...
  2. voiceless_kat

    Moving my angels to larger tank

    Wow, I haven't posted for years! lol. Nice to be back. My angel fish have outgrown their tank and it is time to move them. 55 is cycled, etc, no issues there, .I am just not sure how to proceed. The male measures about 5 inch wide and top to bottom fin about 7 inches, with that bottom fin...
  3. voiceless_kat

    I'm still alive :o)

    Hi Karen....everytime I get back on the forum there are surprises. A broken leg? Darn, that has to be a real pain with all your betta activity! Give Dunn a big hug from me . I am sure I missed so many cute pics, that little red guy is so darn cute!! Take care of yourself. Val
  4. voiceless_kat

    Apple Snail "BigGuy" My version of Tortoise & the Hare!

    It makes me smile to know there are others interested in the snails!!! I do have two apple snails in my fry tank, and about a month ago, I found a large mass of eggs stuck to the canopy of the tank. I pulled them off ( they were kind of dry stuck on with mucus). So now I check every day for...
  5. voiceless_kat

    YoYo's & snails

    I also had a sudden infestation of MTS in my 55g. I also vacuum/water change my 55 every 10 days since I switched to a canister filter. I started with 2 yoyo's and now have 5 of them. I love these fish, and they are bringing down the snails like mad. I think I probably was guilty of...
  6. voiceless_kat

    Favorite Species of Snail (or variety)

    They are really cool for sure. However, I overfed in my 55g and had a really big infestation. I happened to look into the big tank one night when the lights were off..OMG - a gazillion of them all over the place!! Kind of weirded me out. I was picking them out by hand, some of them get quite...
  7. voiceless_kat

    My first guppy fry!!! so many questions!!

    Well I am happy to hear they are doing well. My second batch I swore I would let nature take its course, but when I saw them, my heart melted and I pulled them. Then the next day I rethought it and put them back into the same tank as mom. Then two days went by -- ya I just went and bought...
  8. voiceless_kat

    My first guppy fry!!! so many questions!!

    Mee-shelll girlie...yay...babies!!! Sounds as though your luck has turned. When I moved my gup fry, I just caught them with a small measuring cup - they are so easy to catch. If you place it into the water next to them, they just ride the little current in. I am assuming you already took...
  9. voiceless_kat

    Apple Snail "BigGuy" My version of Tortoise & the Hare!

    You are welcome. You will have fun with snails when you get them. Remember if you have to be very careful if you have more than one in a tank. I know there is a way to sex them, but I haven't mastered yet. Apple snails will lay their eggs out of water if you have mixed sexes. So you will...
  10. voiceless_kat

    Odd fancy guppy question

    I thought I had finally controlled my gups, only to find a new lady I bought was pregnant already!! So the cycle starts all over. I have been able to sell the little ones - but am not so sure that this "accidental" breeding is the healthiest. I noticed I have another young gup who will end up...
  11. voiceless_kat

    Best way to catch snails

    Hi! Too many snails certainly turn into too much of a good thing quickly, don't they?? Usually I pick them out by hand or use a small net to scoop them off the substrate if they are there after I have done a vacuum. ( I overfed so have way too many). If you put a blanched piece of romaine...
  12. voiceless_kat

    Apple Snail "BigGuy" My version of Tortoise & the Hare!

    From my experience, and I could be wrong, the apple snails are omnivores...they really LOVE cukes; zuchinnis when I put them into the tanks. They devour seemingly anything that hits the bottom of the tank - I have seen them hurry (lol) to sit right on top of a veggie round; algae disc or shrimp...
  13. voiceless_kat

    Funny Silly cat pix LOTS

    I have 2 boys and 2 girls also. One little one, named Zipper, is the smartest, naughtiest cat I have ever owned. He climbs, races, opens doors and cupboards, climbs Christmas trees; flushes teh toilet ( !!!- I know)...he is never still a minute. If he was a child, someone would recommend...
  14. voiceless_kat


    Hi! they are fine, and have moved, with their tankmates to a larger tank. I haven't been able to find any more here, so still just have the 3, along with the white skirt tetras. I believe it would be fun to have a whole bunch of if you get more, please keep posting!! Ha...
  15. voiceless_kat

    Albino fry takes a ride on pleco

    That is a great photo - plecs are the coolest! Val
  16. voiceless_kat

    Funny Silly cat pix LOTS

    Those pics are funny, Allie. I was just watching a video on my MSN home page about a cat who liked to ram himself into pop can boxes!!! I have four, and you really never do go a day without smiling!! Isis,, thanks for posting more. Cracked me up. Val
  17. voiceless_kat

    My 1st spawn was a success!

    Oh Karen, that does set my heart a flutter!! I will be watching for those baby pics. Give that Dunn a great big fishy kiss from me!! Val
  18. voiceless_kat

    HELP! something wrong with Royal Blue!

    hi Jacqui...well this was an interesting post for sure!! I am glad that Royal Blue is getting his colour back. Perhaps he was doing his betta version of trying to find out if blondes have more fun?? I hope his "recovery" continues! Val
  19. voiceless_kat

    Rubin's not well

    Hi good to hear little Rubin is perking up and dancing for you. I send him many fishy/kitty hugs and smooches to keep it up. I was saddened to learn of Hera, though. Surely you have had more than your share of the "betta blues"!!! I wish I could reach out and make it all go...
  20. voiceless_kat

    Now Precious is sick... :-(

    Hello my friend, I am trying to do some catching up and read this posting about little Precious. I am so saddened to learn you lost her. I know how important and special those girls were to you. It break my heart to be away from the forum and pop back in to learn of so much sadness!! I am...

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