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  1. MD_Plants

    Here's my fish themed pumpkin!

    i love this with my whole heart
  2. MD_Plants

    Best floating plant for betta

    What type of tabs are you using? you should never open a tab, as they’re supposed to slowly release contents. if it’s not in a capsule, you can break it up to have lower doses in one area if needed
  3. MD_Plants

    Best floating plant for betta

    I can’t get wisteria to grow for the life of me when it’s floating, but it does great for me planted. Never open a root tab into the water, it’ll cause a huge spike in nitrates and probably crash your tank.
  4. MD_Plants

    Too many plants

    Goldfish commonly have swim bladder and eye site issues depending on type and age. I’m not an expert on goldfish so you may want to make a difference thead for it. My fish love the plants and swimming through them.
  5. MD_Plants

    Too many plants

    Not really. Goldfish are pooping machines so i wouldn’t be worried about it depending on bioload. Always can dose if looks wrong
  6. MD_Plants

    Best floating plant for betta

    Oh you’re one of those people.... Jk but i love frogbit! My rooms reach the bottom of my 10g and wrap around, a good 14 inches long!!
  7. MD_Plants

    Wisteria Hardly Growing - What Am I Doing Wrong?

    Just some melt mate. I would throw a root tab under it, and increase lighting till around 8 hours. It’ll be better once it adapts
  8. MD_Plants

    Question Rotala Max Propagation?

    Personally iv never had an issue, but if it started to grow very skinny or weak should tell. Iv never heard of this myself.
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    Hoping on the train of looking for live
  10. MD_Plants

    Wild-life photos

    Wow! I have a few pitched plants that are quite big. iv come back and seen sometimes they have a frog or a baby mouse in it!
  11. MD_Plants

    Accidentally Got Aquarium Water In My Mouth

    hmm yeah i should stop using my mouth in all honesty.
  12. MD_Plants

    Accidentally Got Aquarium Water In My Mouth

    you mean you don’t drink a cup of fish water in the morning?!
  13. MD_Plants

    Help! Something Is Wrong!

    tank levels? size? tank mates? last water change? diet?
  14. MD_Plants

    What Plant Is This?

    Hygrophila salicifolia narrow leaf? Mine looks like that, and the water line does not seem to limit its growth height... It’s pretty easy to propagate by just cutting and sticking it back in the bottom
  15. MD_Plants

    “killer” Guppy?

    and can you post a picture of it?
  16. MD_Plants

    “killer” Guppy?

    you could get a breeder box, out the female in there, and just leave her in there for a few weeks as 3-4 new guppies get introduced. I would also move stuff around. By the time she’s back out, the whole tank dynamic would be different
  17. MD_Plants

    “killer” Guppy?

    are the fry ever eaten? You might need to just keep them as a pair, or relocate one of them.
  18. MD_Plants

    “killer” Guppy?

    Tank size? physical injuries on dead addition?
  19. MD_Plants


    Hello! I’m starting a nonprofit organization (already raised some money!) and it crossed my mind to ask what charities people in general donate to! Everyone has different things they feel they should donate too. So what charities do you support! Personally, i support Children in Africa...
  20. MD_Plants

    Want To Sell Selling Wild Guppies Sale!!!

    man those are wild? i always thought they would be darker

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