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    glass cat shyness and tankmates

    The other day I bought 5 glass cats for my 55 gallon tank. After 2 days they were still hiding by the filter at the surface at the back of my tank. I figured that they were scared by some of my other fish so i am moving them temporarily to my 10 gallon until they start eating and get...
  2. German Blue Ram

    German Blue Ram

    One of my German Blue Rams in my 55 planted
  3. my angels 2

    my angels 2

    3 of my 4 angels, the one in front is a Philippine Blue Pearlscale
  4. All 3 of my rams

    All 3 of my rams

    Bolivan Ram on left, German rams in middle and left
  5. My Angels

    My Angels

    2 of my angels, and my bosemani rainbow makes an appearance
  6. Updated 55 planted communtiy

    Updated 55 planted communtiy

    half of my 55 which I recently made some changes to
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    Sick(?) Black Ghost Knife

    He is starting to look better again, I made his cave darker so he'd go in it more rather than lay have way out of it, and he uses it more, only sometimes he gets stuck outside of it because it is occasionally stolen by my african knife haha
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    Angelfish, Gouramis and Rams Oh my!

    No, but i'm sure people have done it. I have bad ADHD so i wouldn't be able to sit there and wait for them to grow haha. I don't know what costs 10 bucks near you but most thinks near me are about 3 potted plants for 8-11 dollars
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    Angelfish Tankmates

    I disagree with the part about angels not being compatible with African Knives. African Knives are very docile from my experience. Mine never touches my angels nor any of my other fish. Also I have heard discus and angels dont work together because angels can carry a certain disease that is...
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    Angelfish, Gouramis and Rams Oh my!

    Cool, 6 months seems like a reasonable time then, buying all the plants at once is bad because it is hard to know how much you need, so what I do is get about half then add on little by little until I am happy with what I have. I am still planting my 55 that I started in July, It is mostly...
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    Angelfish, Gouramis and Rams Oh my!

    are you doing live plants?
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    Angelfish, Gouramis and Rams Oh my!

    It should take no where near 6 months to cycle if thats what you mean, maybe 3 weeks max, but chances are it will be alot less because the tank has been running for a while now. Also head and tail lights shouldn't fin nip much if at all
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    Angelfish, Gouramis and Rams Oh my!

    Thats good that it comes with some corys and a pleco, i was about to suggest you get some type of cleaner fish. Unless readings say otherwise, the tank probably won't have to cycle again depending on how much you drain it when you pick it up. I'd suggest bringing some buckets to fill with tank...
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    Angelfish, Gouramis and Rams Oh my!

    Bolivian is definitely a good choice especially if you are a beginner. Germans also don't do very well in new tanks, the german you saw in the picture I just got today, I waited 6 months before getting it so my tank could become established. As far as the gouramis go, opaline gouramis are the...
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    Angelfish, Gouramis and Rams Oh my!

    No thats not too much, just be aware that pearls like to be in larger groups than two(I think, somebody correct me if I am wrong). All those fish are compatible. Rams can be fine by themselves but I would not do a 55 with just rams, but that is personal preference. A bolivian ram is very...
  16. German Blue and Bolivian Ram

    German Blue and Bolivian Ram

    This is my Bolivian Ram with one of my two German Rams in my 55 gallon planted
  17. 55 planted

    55 planted

    55 gallon planted community featuring angels, rams, and gouramis
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    GBR and Bolivian Ram together?

    UPDATE: just picked up two rams and they are awesome
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    Angelfish, Gouramis and Rams Oh my!

    That depends on the type of gouramis really, I have my angels with 2 three spot gouramis (gold gouramis) and a kissing gourami. I have no problems with mine, but from what i have heard temperament varies between individual fish. I also have both bolivian and german rams, and they are...
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    Sick(?) Black Ghost Knife

    My BGK started looking sick about a month and a half ago, he was covered in this white film so I did tank maintenance and he started to look better. He looked fine and was acting normal for a couple weeks, but now he is on his side, his fin is a little frayed and his body has a couple very...

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