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  1. bettakeeper

    New owner with 3 Bettas

    If you cycle the tank (which I suggest) you need to do 25% WC every week and maybe a 95% every 1 1/2 month. Beautiful bettas!
  2. bettakeeper

    What causes betta's fins to tear?

    For me I noticed- even on the softest plant- my bettas used to tangle them selves up in the plant, in a curve ( around the "stem") so when the swam straight it used to almost get caught. ( hard to describe- not exactly though) that could be it? does he love some plants ALOT?
  3. bettakeeper

    My New Betta Man:)

    beautiful boy! not a great namer- how about Flare?
  4. bettakeeper

    HELP! guppy emergency

    any thing else I should do guys?
  5. bettakeeper

    HELP! guppy emergency

    will add macaryn then.
  6. bettakeeper

    HELP! guppy emergency

    Yesterday: Hi guys, my guppy hyper seems bloated. He's been fat (bloated) for a few days now, and his scales are raised too. What do I do? I did a WC yesterday, so the parameters should be fine. i thought it could be an intestinal problem- but i don't think he's having trouble swimming. I...
  7. bettakeeper

    Dlondon95's RAOK contest!

    Dlondon- would Canada work?
  8. bettakeeper

    RAOK Contest #2!

    awww- i missed this! +1 cameronpalte
  9. bettakeeper

    RIP Heta and Erebos

    I hope so too!
  10. bettakeeper

    Dirk's new digs

    I prefer the microsword by looking off the photos- it just seems more thicker and well almost more substantial, if you get my meaning.
  11. bettakeeper

    My Delta Tail Betta!

  12. bettakeeper

    RIP Heta and Erebos

    I haven't been here for a long time- i willl be trying to get on on more often but in the time my betta Heta died. RIP. I also got 2 guppies to put in a 4g ( I know I know.... it was only temporary) within a week or two one of them died by getting stuck between the heater and the side of...
  13. bettakeeper

    Dirk's new digs

    Love the tank! I think like you that some short plants are needed in the front. Good luck- I can't wait to see this tank continue to progress!
  14. bettakeeper

    Persistant Fin Rot

    I would add salt and see if that helps, if not, then I would try macaryn 2. Hopefully there wasn't any permanent damage!
  15. bettakeeper

    Betta just died and I don't know why

    I would guess either of these were true.
  16. bettakeeper

    URGENT- Conflicting opinons!

    which microfish?
  17. bettakeeper

    URGENT- Conflicting opinons!

    hah not many conlficting opinions huh? I've had guppies yes on my other thread. dwarf puffer is it true gravel can hurt them? I doubt I have those too.... on every site I've researched on I've seen endlers are fine?
  18. bettakeeper

    URGENT- Conflicting opinons!

    my parents don't want another betta I'll see about endlers- how many?
  19. bettakeeper

    URGENT- Conflicting opinons!

    I have too many yes and no so I am ALL confused- will 3 gppies do fine a 4g? I have to go in an hour. so YES or NO? I don't have endlers as an option, though I'll ask petsmart if I can get some shipped. IF so how many?first question is the most0 important though! plz help!

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