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  1. kellyiswicked

    How to treat fungus

    Hey everyone, I'm pretty sure two of my rainbowfish have a fungus infection. I couldn't get a good picture but uploaded a video that shows the growth on one's side near the gills. The other has one on his midbody, but he...
  2. kellyiswicked

    36 gallon - has black ruby barbs, a DG and cories - get rams or a school?

    Greetings Fishlorians! I have a 36gallon bowfront tank currently stocked with 7 black ruby barbs, a DG, and some cories (only 2-3 now because a few died, so planning on putting their group back up to 7 or 8). I'd like to hear opinions on if I'd be better off getting a pair of rams or a school...
  3. kellyiswicked

    How long to regrow fins

    Hello all! Two of my black ruby barbs have nipped fins. I was wondering how long it usually takes to regrow fins, since it has been a couple of weeks and I haven't seen noticeable improvement. The water is changed at least every 4 days. Thanks!
  4. kellyiswicked

    getting a filter media cycled for quarantine

    Hello all! I'm planning on getting new fish for my 36 gallon soon (either rummy-nose tetras or pygmy corys). I have a 5 gallon that used to house a betta, but now the filter has been without a food source for too long. Here is my question: My currently running 36 gallon and 10 gallon each have...
  5. kellyiswicked

    cichlid stocking advice!

    Hello helpful Internet acquaintances! My boyfriend and I recently purchased a 55 gallon. Petco is having their $1/gallon sale. The only fish that needs to go in is an adolescent rainbow shark currently in quarantine from his old tank. My boyfriend was researching into getting African...
  6. kellyiswicked

    Another school for the 36gal?

    Hello everyone! I have a 36 gallon bowfront that is currently stocked with: 1 dwarf gourami 7 black ruby barbs and that's it! I would like to add another school to the tank to make it a little more stocked and active. I would be interested in hearing anyone's suggestions for fish...
  7. kellyiswicked

    Possible fin rot?

    Hello everyone! I think I may have a case of fin rot in my tank. I noticed yesterday that one of the black ruby barbs's tail fin had a blackish edge to it. It almost looks like it had been burned and is starting to fray. I did a little research and it sounded like fin rot. The research said...
  8. kellyiswicked

    Tiger Barbs plus Rainbow Shark plus ???

    Hi everyone! I'm fairly new to fish keeping and getting ready to set up a new 36gal bowfront aquarium. I already have a rainbow shark, not even three inches long, who will be moving into it. I plan on getting a school of either 5 or 7 tiger barbs for the new tank, but I'm looking into other...

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