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    Cherry Shrimp

    Hello all! I have a delivery of shrimp coming sometime this week, hopefully wednesday , I tested my aquarium today and yesterday and the readings are: Ph 8.0 Nitrate 5.0 nitrite 0 ammonia 0 I am wondering if i should do a water change before the shrimp arrive. And if my readings are good/bad...
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    Fish wanted by London zoo

    Just saw this article, not sure if it was posted here already
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    blood parrot eggs

    I saw in the fish tank today that there where eggs stuck onto my filter. Ive looked up blood parrot breeding and have seen that blood parrots usuallly dont breed? Some of the eggs have turned white but others have just stayed clear.. I dont know what to do now. So any help would be appreciated.
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    good treatment for ich

    just wondering if lo salt is good to use in aquariums its ingredients are magnesium carbonate potassium chloride sodium chloride is it good to use? im just wondering whether it will work.I do not have ich
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    Help breeding platys + swordtails

    i just bought 6 platys and 4 swordtails today.When i got them home i noticed one of the swordtails was very fat.As i was looking i also saw one of my platys very fat.She was breathing very fast and swimming near the bottom of the tank.I have a marina breeding box.Should i put her in or would it...
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    Question iPod fishlore app

    I'm on my iPod at the moment and I find it very hard to go on fishlore.. So I was wondering if anybody has the experience to make an application for fishlore?? Just a suggestion? I don't know if anybody else uses any iPod or iPhone for fishlore!!
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    plants for oscars

    just wondering what plants can go with oscars.. i have a juwel rio 180 high lite.. im treating the fish with waterlife sterazine as one of them is sick.. so any good plants?
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    parrot changing colour?

    ok well i bought 2 bp's about a week maybe 2 weeks ago and they've been fine..but i recently noticed one is changing to a black colour..he has all these lumps of black all over him..i dont think its black spot.. cause its like a trim on his body..btw i cant put pics up any help...
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    Help noisy eheim 2213

    well ive had my eheim 2213 for about 5 months and i only cleaned it on monday..but it has started making a very loud noise!! before we cleaned it you couldnt hear it at once it started making the noise we took it out again and check everything..the little proppelor thing at the top is...
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    ok well my dads goldfish tank started leaking this we had to move the goldfish into my tropical tank..all i have in it at the moment is 2 baby blood parrots about 2-3" long and a small red tailed shark..we moved the 6 goldfish into my i was wondering whether i should keep...
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    Help freaky white thing

    when i got up this morning i saw a white sort of sack floating around in my tank.what could this be.any help appreciated
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    Important oscars

    ok well i was reading the rules and it says that helping people with links to other websites is i found very helpful.i am not trying to advertise .i just found this helpful with my oscars thanks
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    Help pale oscars

    i have 2 oscars.i used to have them in a very small i have them in a bigger one.but they are very pale.what will i do.i've left them in there for about 5 days now
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    breeding mollys!

    ok well.i bought six mollys yesterday and when i got home i noticed one of them was today i went to the shop and bought a marina breeding trap (i dont know whether it will do).and i put the molly in it.then the molly started pooing red it normal and if it is how long until i...

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